As far as the Xbox Elite controller parts go, it’s a problematic hunt for pieces that will help us restore our faulty controllers. Sure, if we’re in warranty, we can ship them to Microsoft. Once that warranty expires, though, all ‘help’ pages will tell you, “It’s time to replace your controller.” While I only have the Xbox Elite Series 1 controller, it still costs over $100 to replace. eBay has parts, but ordinarily for a costly price. Well, I purchased an item from a random site, hoping to be able to give you all good news. That brings me to KasynParts, the obscure, sketchy-in-appearance website that offers circuit boards, analog sticks, rear shells for controllers, among other replacement parts.

Note: I am not associated with, nor am I writing this for their benefit. I legitimately want to give people options when it comes to their hardware. 

A quick view of KasynParts

The website states, “ sells wholesale video game console controller replacement parts \ accessories. optical drives, socket, chips, cables, laser, power supply, housing, production and purchase a variety of original spare parts sales and video game peripheral parts.”

KasynParts - Sample Page
Sample parts page – Credit: KasynParts is an online store run by Kasyn Intl. (HK).,Ltd. They claim the website has been around since 2015, providing services more professional than eBay and Amazon. KasynParts provides replacement parts, both new and refurbished, to gamers and repair shops/wholesale companies. Here’s what I hope for by telling you all about this site:

I hope you’ll look over the site and weigh your options. Every company would love for us to purchase a new piece of hardware the moment ours stops working. While my experience with KasynParts was positive in the end, I was nervous immediately after paying them. Always be cautious on the internet.

KasynParts saved me a headache

I had two problems with my Elite series 1. The cheaply made bumpers broke, and then a piece of plastic that held the circuit board for my paddles snapped. The first, I fixed with a replacement part from eBay. As for the circuit board, I was having a more challenging time figuring out where to buy a part. You see, it wasn’t the circuit board that needed replacing – I had to replace the rear shell (or back panel) of the controller. The problem is that I did not want to buy a different faulty controller for parts. 

KasynParts - Xbox Elite Back Shell
Xbox Elite Series 1 Rear Shell

It took hours, but I stumbled upon KasynParts. Then, it took a few more hours to take a chance on the site. Ordinarily, I leave obscure websites on the internet alone, but I needed a decently priced back shell. KasynParts has every piece of the Elite series controller and more. 

While we can find similar parts on eBay, sellers often inflate the price. The downside to KasynParts is that it took two weeks to receive my part. Not only that, but we do not receive a tracking number, and their communication is non-existent. Naturally, I started to sweat after my purchase. I was determined to ignore the instinct to cancel the transaction through PayPal. In the end, it paid off because I have a fully functional Elite controller again.

Retro parts and more on KasynParts

For those of you worried more about your retro systems, the KasynParts has you covered. Unfortunately, they don’t provide for every retro console. They offer Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and multiple Sega console parts. I did not see anything for the Atari, but it would do everyone well to look through everything they offer.

KasynParts Retro Option

In the above image, I circled where we can find the retro options. Click on the image to enlarge.

My final thoughts on the website

If I’m spending money, I have to have confidence in the website. I mentioned we don’t receive a tracking number, but it’s worth saying again. Whether I received my item or not determined whether I’d be writing this for you all or writing PayPal to get my money back. Last but certainly not the least essential ‘con,’ the connection to the website is not secure. So, the information we enter may be viewed by others – that is the typical warning. It’s not a warning I scoff at, but I needed that rear shell.

I’m providing information about this website, so everyone has more options. It never feels good when we must buy another controller, whether it’s $60 or $150+. Of course, replacement parts are useless without the know-how. While I don’t know the ins and outs of my controller, I learned enough to swap that rear shell and move over all necessary parts. 

Hopefully, this helps you all, too.

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By Published On: April 22nd, 2021Categories: eSports

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