Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets a new challenger! The Smash community and casual fans alike always theorize who the next fighter will be. This next contender is a long-rumored addition. Sephiroth, the infamous villain from Final Fantasy VII, is finally making his way into the wildly popular brawler. The trailer is evidence enough that they understand exactly who he is to gamers, though those without a love for RPGs may be asking themselves, “What’s the big deal?”


The action-packed trailer is full of homages to his well-known history. CGI cinematics call back to his Advent Children appearance to accompany his reveal. In contrast, gameplay footage honors his past in another way. What stuck out in my mind was a moment where Sephiroth slammed Masamune, his legendary sword, into the ground near a downed Zelda. This was a direct reference to Aerith’s death scene in the original Final Fantasy VII.

Who is Sephiroth?

Super Smash Bros. Sephiroth

Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII; an Elite SOLDIER once celebrated the world over. Upon discovering that he is the product of experimentation on an extraterrestrial lifeform named Jenova, his world shatters. Rather than giving in to despair, he snaps. Consequently, this leads him to accepting Jenova as his “Mother,” and becoming the World’s greatest enemy.

That is a very simplified version of his backstory. He has been explored in many titles that make up the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. He’s been in a movie, in many games, and is obviously back in Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Nintendo seems more than happy to capitalize on this franchise’s success and popularity; It’s a strategy they have employed for their guest fighters for a long time.

Now, he makes waves in the Smash community. Look at him on the Smash Bros. mural, shared by Nintendo of Europe.

Fans remain divided on his reveal

Final Fantasy and RPG fans can’t wait to see Sephiroth enter the fold. However, there has long been a complaint that Smash has too many sword characters. His addition will not swipe away these concerns, putting him at odds with players who want a little more variety.

Nintendo has been hard at work with the Fighter Pass. They gave us Min Min from Arms in June and the Minecraft characters Alex and Steve. We have now been introduced to three of the six planned characters. Players will have to wait to see what character archetypes we will receive in the future. I, for one, am thrilled for Sephiroth’s inclusion.

Super Smash Bros. Mario Impaled

Sephiroth arrives later this month at an undisclosed date. For a sneak peek at the character, game director Masahiro Sakurai will host a special presentation on December 17th. It’s here we will learn the release date.

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