When OpTic Texas decided to stick with their roster coming into the MWII season, many were skeptical. Granted, the original consensus among the Call of Duty League Community was that this was a wise choice with their clear potential. Not every day can you assemble the talent of Seth “Scump” Abner, Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal and Brandon “Dashy” Otell.

And when the roster was fully healthy, they dominated their first event. Perhaps all this roster needed was a new year, a new game, and a fresh start. However, with the 2023 CDL Season being the last of Call of Duty’s GOAT Scump, the pressure was on to maximize his final season. If this roster came to the first major and underperformed, there would immediately be pressure to make a change.

Major 1 saw the nightmare performance that OpTic Texas fans dreaded, but simultaneously saw coming. And after finishing top 12 in the first major of the year, this roster appeared chalked. Just days later,  And they were pursuing a new fourth. And with this being Scump’s final season, OpTic reportedly went for the biggest names they could. As a matter of fact, all signs point to Huke’s signing to OpTic being the organization’s backup plan.

As it was confirmed by Pred himself on stream that they did “everything possible” to bring him to OpTic. However, Huke is by no means Call of Duty’s consolation prize. At one point in his career, Huke was known as being one of the up and coming superstar SMG’s in the scene. And now being in the system that he won a championship in back in 2020? AND back on a Modern Warfare title with Shotzzy and iLLeY alongsize Scump? This team has the potential to do damage.

OpTic needs “Superstar Huke” back in order to win championships

When evaluating the pro’s and con’s of the Huke acquisition, it’s impossible to not look at Huke’s last two years. Since leaving the Dallas Empire back in 2021, Huke has not had the superstar impact people expect of him. Besides winning a major with the LA Guerillas last season, it has not been the greatest of campaigns from the SMG. After the first major and qualifiers, Huke is currently sitting at a .90 kill/death ratio.

That is currently towards the bottom of the league. However, K/D does not tell the entire story of a player’s skill. Perhaps Huke hasn’t had that reliable SMG duo quite like Shotzzy, and that’s where he truly shines. Maybe being in a system that’s brought him massive success will be just the refresh that he needs. If it doesn’t work, however, this could be one of Huke’s final chances in the league.

Although people might question replacing the MVP runner up from Vanguard with Huke, the move is more than a 1:1 transaction. What this move allows OpTic to do is put Scump on the flex role, allowing him to play primarily with an AR. As Scump is one of the most talented players of all time, it makes sense to give him the most powerful weapon. And in addition, as Scump prefers to play a slower play style, allow your two SMG’s to run like demons and go crazy. This move allows them to do just that. And in addition, iLLeY’s leadership and demeanor fits the Main AR role perfectly.

What could be next for Dashy?

As the dust settles with OpTic’s roster announcement, now comes the next part of the equation. Which CDL team could Dashy potentially appear on next? One of the best players in Call of Duty history is currently on the bench. And with the amount of rosters who performed below expectations, more changes are imminent. With the competition being tighter than ever, and the game’s skill gap being smaller than ever, teamwork is now everything. If one slight thing is off in the chemistry/rhythm of the way a team plays, it’ll immediately be exploited. And if the collective talent isn’t up to par, no amount of teamwork can overcome that.

Wherever Dashy ends up next, this will be the most he’s ever had to prove. Between the conversations circling around his work ethic and dedication, and now being the lone player dropped, Dashy’s career is at a crossroads. If he ends up in the right situation, Dashy could potentially make a team a true contender to win champs. However, Dashy also can be what we’ve seen this year, which is not the Dashy that the Call of Duty community has come to expect. Dashy will be on another team this season, as there’s just no player available that matches his talent. And if Dashy comes ready, he could be the battering ram to the newly built Green Wall.

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Featured Image Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn USA Today Sports


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