Capcom has announced a presentation of Resident Evil Village on January 21 at 2 pm PT / 5 pm EST / 10 pm GMT. Fans of the franchise will see gameplay for the next installment of the horror series. There will also be a new trailer tied to the reveal, along with more news for the future of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 7 DLC revealed that BSAA Captain Chris Redfield, one of the series’ iconic protagonists, works with the Umbrella Corporation. Now called Blue Umbrella, they are trying to separate themselves from their predecessor. While Chris’s involvement certainly does paint a picture of a reformed organization, gamers share his doubt. Can Umbrella truly change? Will working with them ultimately change Chris? As long as he’s still punching boulders, I don’t care.

Ethan Winters, who escaped Resident Evil 7’s events with Chris’ help, returns for the 8th installment. Unfortunately for him, Chris upends his life again. He kills Ethan’s Wife, Mia, and is responsible for his arrival at the titular Village. While there’s no love lost toward Mia for her actions in 7, it will be interesting to see how this event changes his dynamic with Redfield.

Of greater interest to me is that the game features Werewolves, Witches, and Vampires. A supernatural touch seems out of character until we remember that Resident Evil 4 was once looking to break into that territory until the game became Devil May Cry. The Resident Evil Showcase’s announcement features a pale, towering female thought to be one of our new vampiric enemies.

A mysterious multiplayer closed beta is coming

Anyone who has a registered Resident Evil account should have received an e-mail titled “CAPCOM Account info.” The e-mail does not detail, but it confirms an ‘online title’ for the RE 25th Anniversary. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and their next-gen successors. Registration is currently open until January 25, 2021.

Capcom’s closed beta test will likely be the leaked multiplayer game. Since there are no concrete details, take this next bit with a grain of salt. The rumor is the game will be a Resident Evil battle-royale style multiplayer mode. Internally, Capcom calls it “Project Highway/Village Online,” according to multiple sources. Considering it’s getting a closed beta, I predict it will be a stand-alone game. However, Resident Evil includes multiplayer modes in some of its main titles. My prediction may be wrong.

The Resident Evil closed beta test starts at the following times:

  •     January 28, 2021 1am – 8am EST / January 27, 2021 10pm – January 28, 2021 5am PST
  •     January 28, 2021 8pm – January 29, 2021 3am EST / January 28, 2021 5pm – January 29, 12am PST
  •     January 29, 2021 10am – 5pm EST / January 29, 2021 7am – 2pm PST
  •     January 30, 2021 1am – January 31, 1am PST / January 29, 2021 10pm – January 30, 10pm PST

Registering for the Beta requires some work

It’s a complicated process to register for the closed beta test. Capcom requires us to briefly go to their Japanese website. So, rather than throw everyone a link to sign up and wish them good luck, I will detail how I went through the signup process.

First of all, the most important step is to have a Capcom ID. Log in to yours or sign up for one. Follow this link to the English Capcom ID website. Later on, you will see why I’m having you start on this step. Once you’re finished, follow the rest of the guide.

Head over to the beta website and scroll down to click on “Apply for the closed beta test.”

This takes you to the ambassador site. Scroll down until you see this:

If you followed my first step, you already have a Capcom ID. I didn’t. The website directed me to the Japanese version of the Capcom ID page I gave you earlier. It still will, but you logged in once; You know how to do it. If the page does not show that you’re logged in, no worries. Here’s how to navigate the JP site.

Hit the button that I have highlighted above, and then type in your credentials in the screen that appears below. Hit the blue button, and you’re finished.

Becoming a Resident Evil Ambassador

Follow the link to the Ambassador Page. You can choose your language at the bottom, and I recommend you do. While signed in with your Capcom ID, click “My Page,” and then choose to log in with your Capcom ID.

Capcom ID

This is where things may also get tricky. You’re either already logged in, or you will land on the same JP page earlier. Follow the same steps detailed above.

Log in with your credentials, and the site asks you to create a nickname. Click the button at the bottom to complete the process. Do the same on the next page, and congratulations! You are one step closer to being done!

Head back to the Resident Evil Ambassador page and click on “Ambassador Registration.” Here, you fill out more information and choose a Resident Evil themed profile card. Click the bottom button, and you’re an official Resident Evil Ambassador. Finally, all that’s left is to go to the beta signup page, log in (If you already haven’t), and then choose your console. Capcom does not list the next-gen consoles, but players may use them thanks to backward compatibility.

Good luck entering the Resident Evil Beta

Hopefully, my instructions are helpful. If I lost you, I understand, and I apologize. I went through the process multiple times. It wasn’t until the third attempt that I managed to complete everything required. Signing up does not guarantee a spot in the closed beta, unfortunately. Still, that’s no reason to let the chance pass us by. So, let’s hope to see each other when Capcom rolls this out.

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