Final Fantasy 7 remake took the world by storm, powered by nostalgia and the question I’m usually asked when talking about Final Fantasy: “What’s the big deal?” Whether a fresh or returning fan, we’re eagerly searching the internet for news about the next chapter of the exciting remake. Luckily, the Japanese publication Famitsu shared a compilation of Japanese game creators’ aspirations for 2021. This also included a bit of news for the next title.

Yoshinori Kitase, Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s producer, mentioned the success of the first chapter. For fans and the producer, the remake is a long-awaited dream. Interest was sparked with a Playstation 3 tech demo, a move many of us deemed cruel. We figured a remake would show, but we saw nothing until 15 years later.

On Twitter, user Audrey shared the translation of the comment.

“The new world of FFVII has only just begun”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake reintroduces the world to Cloud Strife, a stoic mercenary who joins an eco-terrorist group named AVALANCHE. Their goal is to stop the mega-corporation Shinra from bleeding the planet’s lifeblood as an energy source. This is an integral storyline to Chapter 1 of the remake, but it is simply the original’s beginning. What we know about the original isn’t necessarily what will occur in this ongoing re-imagining.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake battle

The game surprises by introducing unfamiliar elements, ultimately clearing the way for a different set of events to take place. “Remake” no longer sounds appropriate, especially considering the events of the original game aren’t simply redone. Without diving deep into spoiler territory, the game uses our preconceived notions of ‘what should happen’ against us. The final act was both bizarre and well-done.

Part 1 expands the original’s Midgar story, giving greater detail to the living, breathing world than we could have imagined. Characters who were a passing thought became fleshed out characters, making us care about them. Already, the game felt like a new take, so what will they surprise us with next?

Changes are on the horizon for Final Fantasy 7

Asuka Yoshikawa, Aerith’s mocap actor, revealed the news that involves her and Sephiroth’s mocap actor. They completed a four-hour session together. Twitter user Audrey also gives us a translation of the original tweet:

Final Fantasy 7 remake Aerith

If you’re like me, the first thought was that iconic scene from the original! Upon further thought, I can only conclude that we will see new scenes and longer interactions between Aerith and Sephiroth. This time, the two of them bare knowledge the longtime fans can’t begin to imagine. Rather than speculate on that, I wonder if the mocap session revolved entirely around the two characters?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sephiroth

Fans can breathe easy

Square Enix is hard at work and appears to be happy with the development of part 2. It’s refreshing to hear more about a game with so much mystery and hype surrounding it. With a new console launches now finished, let’s try to have faith that no sudden issues arise. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long until the next information dump.

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