PlayStation owners, Sony has entered a partnership with the popular communication service Discord! On the PlayStation blog, Jim Ryan announced the partnership. The deal is fortuitous for Sony because, as Jim put it, “we’re constantly looking for new ways to enable players around the world to connect with one another, form new friendships and communities, and share fun experiences and lasting memories.”

Playstation 5 - Discord Partner
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In 2022, PlayStation fans will be able to use Discord to communicate more easily with their friends. Once that time comes, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox users will be closer to sharing a community. If only that would end the ever-raging console war.

What is Discord?

Discord is a group-chatting app initially created for gamers and their communities. In 2015, the app exploded into popularity that reaches far beyond just gamers. Every community exists as a server where people can chat with one another with text or voice. Users can share images, links; you name it. With PlayStation entering the fold, Discord will make it easier for console gamers to communicate during cross-play.

Xbox already partnered with Discord in 2018, making the deal to strengthen the bridge between console and PC. Gamers can link their account to their Xbox account and see what their friends are playing. If they so choose, they can party up! Gamers will want to take advantage of the new partnership. Now, we must wait for more video games with a cross-play feature.

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Only Nintendo remains

Speaking of Xbox, Microsoft recently considered purchasing Discord for more $10 million. Discord would rather continue independently, which seems to work better to keep all parties together. Sony’s investment has some questioning what happened with Microsoft’s partnership. It’s still intact. Due to forgoing any acquisition deals, they may partner with any interested gaming company, it appears. That’s a great deal for all gamers.

For now, Nintendo will be the odd one out, but not for lack of interest on Discord’s part. They hope to one day bring Discord to the Nintendo Switch, but they are waiting for “Nintendo’s blessing,” reported siliconera.

Please give that blessing. Bridge the gap, Nintendo!

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