Detroit Tigers fans want to show their displeasure of Al Avila by bringing the message to the ballpark.

It’s the elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored. Social media lets sports fans voice their displeasure, and all those likes and favorites provide the instant gratification they need. 

Whether it’s a player who makes an error, or management handling things poorly, social media lets everyone chime in with their opinion. For the majority of Tigers fans this season, one phrase comes up continually. It’s a rallying cry, and it has been monetized: Fire Al Avila. 

The hashtag #FireAvila has been used by Tigers fans on Twitter for months, and their numbers seem to grow by the day. No matter what the situation is, you can find it in use, even after a good performance.

It’s been a terrible season for the Tigers, and the occasional strong performance, such as last night’s win against the Padres, simply isn’t enough to satisfy some fans. 

A 2022 timeline of Al Avila

There was plenty of optimism about the Tigers back in the spring, and most fans were impressed by Avila’s trade of Austin Meadows. But, as the saying goes, life comes at you fast, and things don’t always work out well. 

Many fans thought Detroit was going to the postseason, including our own Adham Beydoun of the Woodward Morning Show. 

There were a lot of posts asking for Detroit to trade for pitching, including the one the Tigers faced last night in Sean Manaea. But even with that optimism, the lack of trust in Avila was constant. This tweet and the comments after it and quoted spoke volumes. 

The Tigers have suffered dozens of injuries this year, but for some that’s just another reason to Fire Avila. Twitter is just one example of the anger against Avila. Go to Facebook, or any comment section in a local paper, and you will find the same angry fans.

Rallying around a common issue tonight at Comerica Park

Tonight may be something Detroit fans have not witnessed since the Detroit Lions’ fans march against former GM Matt Millen in 2005. It will be more than just boos. Fans have organized  a “Fire Al Avila” night. 

You hope not to see images similar to 2005 where one fan carried a Millen doll hanging from a stick. But the anger with Al Avila has come to a fever pitch.

No amount of facts or logic can sway fans from their frustration with Avila. It extends to owner Chris Ilitch, and it’s the same type of frustration we have heard about the Detroit Lions since WDFN The Fan started talking Detroit sports in the mid-90’s.

“Sell the team to a winner!”

“The ownership does not care about real fans!”

It’s never good when you’re being compared to the Detroit Lions.

Yes, it is just a game. But games bring out the passion in a lot of people. Seven years of going nowhere can do that. As much as we love football in this town, it took one historically bad general manager to bring fans to march. 

Everyone has their breaking point. It appears today is the one for the Detroit Tigers fans. 

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By Published On: July 26th, 2022Categories: Detroit Tigers, MLB

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