Not long ago, news broke out that a non-EA studio is developing a Star Wars: Knights of the Republic (KOTOR) remake. Via the B.O.B. The Podcast, Bespin Bulletin reported that “it’s [the KOTOR remake] not with E.A.” and “we’ll never guess” what studio is taking on the project. Now, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier reveals that the port studio Aspyr is developing the KOTOR remake. I can’t confirm that the remake is the same ‘non-EA Star Wars game.’

You can watch the entire episode of the MinnMax Podcast here.

Why wouldn’t EA/BioWare be in charge of the KOTOR Remake?

Rumors about a KOTOR reboot pop up often, but the project’s creator has never been solid. Many believed the original developer BioWare would work on the reboot. If this report is accurate, it makes sense that Aspyr would be involved for several reasons:

First, Aspyr has had their hands in Star Wars for a moment – mostly in ports. Their first dive into KOTOR happens to have been a mobile port of Star Wars: KOTOR and its sequel – The Sith Lords. Aspyr has also created Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, based on the podracing sequence from The Phantom Menace. They also ported both Star Wars Jedi Knight games and reintroduced Star Wars Republic Commando to the Switch and PS4. 

KOTOR 2 – Credit: EA/BioWare

Secondly, E.A.’s Star Wars exclusive rights are gone. While E.A. can and will continue to make games in the universe, other developers can play too. Aspyr already has hands-on experience with Star Wars, and most importantly KOTOR. E.A. and BioWare may be looking to free up their own resources for a different title by giving the remake to Aspyr.

A KOTOR Remake could benefit Disney canon

There is another point to consider: Love it or hate it, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker made Revan – the character from KOTOR 1 – canon to Disney’s Universe. Remaking the game would be a boon for Disney if Aspyr changes the content in the game to fit the new Star Wars canon. They have been going for an expanded universe strategy, and a KOTOR game would work wonderfully. Fans of the original may not be so welcoming of the idea.

Darth Revan (right) from KOTOR – Credit: EA/BioWare

Lucasfilm Games hasn’t announced the remake

As there is no official word, I am cautiously optimistic. There is a chance that a reputable port developer is going to do just that – port an enhanced version of the game to consoles. Either way, the news that we’ll eventually experience Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic again is excellent news. Hopefully, as Lucasfilm Games continues to expand its library, we see a few more remakes like The Force Unleashed. 

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