Akihabara based developer Acquire is interested in bringing us a stealth ninja game for the PS5. Many believed the registration of the trademark “Stealth Assassins” meant that Takuma Endo wanted to create a new Tenchu title. However, the Tenchu IP belongs to FromSoftware; Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice was initially viewed as a successor and then evolved into something different. While the news dashes hope of a true Tenchu sequel, there is nothing to believe the company won’t make something similar.

As reported by Weekly Famitsu, translated by Gematsu, Endo would like to “recreate a stealth ninja game from the ground up for the PS5 generation.” We can hope the trademark registration is a sign of things to come.

Tenchu is an essential title for fans

Tenchu Rikimaru

The original Tenchu is the first 3D stealth game for consoles that forced players to stop charging into groups of enemies head-on. We are always playing characters who feel invincible, so the heavy focus on stealth was unique. When we think stealth, though, we only imagine cones representing a line of sight. Tenchu did not afford us the benefits of that system alone, forcing us to strategize by hiding in shadows or climbing onto rooftops.

Fans want another Tenchu game because many stealth features today are lazily done. Crouch, stay out of sight, and then press a button to kill the enemy instantly. That’s the strategy. Ghost of Tsushima, a fantastic game, involves stealth, but great tools such as wall-hugging are missing. Assassinating an in-game enemy leaves them right where they fall; Tenchu’s Rikimaru and Ayame would kill their target and then put their body out of sight.

We’re taking steps backward as consoles improve

Tenchu Z co-op

Tenchu Z added great features, too. Enemies can hear the players’ footsteps if running too close. If you are on noisy surfaces, they will hear you at a greater distance. What surprised me the most was the ability for NPCs to smell you if falling into a cesspool. Tenchu wrapped up all these features in a game that allowed us to customize our character and choose to embark on missions solo or through co-op. Tenchu Z is an Xbox 360 title.

Where are the games that thoroughly utilize stealth systems? It seems that with each new console generation, companies dial back features for the AAA treatment. Don’t get me wrong; I love graphical improvements and all the bells and whistles we get. Be that as it may, some areas of our favorite games can benefit from looking at how video games did things years ago.

Knock this new IP out of the park, Acquire!

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