Friday’s games were a huge swing in the standings and the playoff hopes for the Detroit Tigers.

Going into Friday’s games the Detroit Tigers trailed the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays by 2 games. All three teams had double headers so there was a chance the Tigers could have gotten to the 7th and 8th MLB playoff spot.

Things did not go as planned. Instead of winning both games, and potentially being tied for those playoff spots, the Tigers dropped both in heart wrenching fashion. To add to the “gut punch” both NY and TO won their games. Now the Detroit Tigers are sitting 4 games out of the playoffs. Which barring any Hollywood type run, they have lost their playoff hopes. The Tigers are now 5 games out of being 3rd in the AL Central standings, let alone the entire AL.

2020 Detroit Tigers Season

Honestly, this team has outperformed what myself and most writers in America had them doing. Some “experts” only had them winning 15 games. The Detroit Tigers now sit at 17-19 with 23 games left. I can see them finishing the season an above .500 team. It may not be by much, but that would be a huge step forward for this franchise.

Building Something Special

Last year the Detroit Tigers were just flat out bad. Almost historically bad had it not been for the 119 loss season in 2003. But remember only 3 short years later, in 2006, the Tigers were in the World Series! It was all a part of the growing process from cellar dwellers to decent to playoff contender.

That’s what I’m seeing this season. You had to bounce back and at least be competitive after 2019. This team has done that since the first game. They just need to keep building and getting the pieces to make major noise in the MLB. I trust Ron Gardenhire to always at least put our players in the best positions. That’s all you can ask of your manager.

The Tigers have a bright future with many young stars being able to contribute this year. So, while they may miss the playoffs this year, the nest 2 years will be a lot more rewarding. That I know.

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