Woodward Sports is excited to put out a weekly power rankings for the NFL. Checkout our Power Rankings heading into Week 13.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (10-1)

Week 12 Ranking: 1

The Chiefs continue to show that they’re the team to beat. What ended up being a close scoreline – the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers 27-24. Another check on the box of what it takes to be champions. Patrick Mahomes has also leap-frogged everyone in the league as MVP Front-Runner. Chiefs are more likely than not to stay at No.1 for the remainder of the season in our Power Rankings.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0)

Week 12 Ranking: 2

The Steelers are yet to play the Ravens – with their matchup being moved to Wednesday Night. They’ll stay at No.2 barring a shocking loss to a Baltimore team that really hasn’t done anything well the entire year.

3. Buffalo Bills (8-3)

Week 12 Ranking: 3

The Buffalo Bills beat the Los Angeles Chargers – nothing really more to say here. The Bills were favorites and did their job by shutting down a very good offense. It’s all positive signs for this team as they look to win their first AFC East since 1995.

4. New Orleans Saints (9-2)

Week 12 Ranking: 4

Sean Payton continues to put himself in the Coach of the Year conversation. New Orleans are now 2-0 without Drew Brees, and will look to continue their fine form. The Saints are not the most complete team, but are showing that “it” factor that it takes to push for a Super Bowl appearance. The Saints will stay at No.4 this week in our NFL Power Rankings.

5. Seattle Seahawks (8-3)

Week 12 Ranking: 5

Seattle stays at No.5 this week – the Seahawks were able to give their Eagles offense problems. It wasn’t a vintage Russell Wilson performance – but D.K. Metcalf went off on the Eagles secondary. If Seattle can put together this type of performance against better teams, they’ll be favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. Relying completely on Russ isn’t a formula for success.

6. Green Bay Packers (8-3)

Week 12 Ranking: 8

Deservedly so, the Green Bay Packers beatdown the Chicago Bears on Sunday. It wasn’t even a contest – and it was a performance that will give their Packers confidence in not only securing another NFC North crown, but potentially pushing for the No.1 Seed in the NFC. With the Eagles and Lions up next, the Packers will more than likely be sitting pretty at 10-3 with a chance to push for the playoff bye.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)

Week 12 Ranking: 7

There is no shame is losing to the best team in football. Granted the Bucs were able to salvage the score and almost give themselves a chance to tie the game. I still have questions about this team – Tom Brady alone isn’t enough to change the entire culture. The Buccaneers will stay put at No.7 this week in our NFL Power Rankings.

8. Tennessee Titans (8-3)

Week 12 Ranking: 11

The Titans flexed their muscle against a very good Indianapolis Colts team – or so we thought. Tennessee absolutely punched the Colts in the face, and there was no looking back after that. The Titans are capable of beating you through the air with big-play potential from A.J. Brown, and can make life hard for you if they have a lead by running their workhorse Derrick Henry.

9. Los Angeles Rams (7-4)

Week 12 Ranking: 6

I love this team, and they proved me right on Monday Night when they beat the favored Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-24. Their defensive play was very solid as usual – and they showed why they’re the No.1 Defense in the NFC. Jared Goff put in a good performance that was a bit overshadowed by his two interceptions. Turnovers aside, the Rams are back and ready to compete for the NFC crown.

10. Cleveland Browns (8-3)

Week 12 Ranking: 10

The Browns are 8-3, they have to make it in my Top-10 for our Power Rankings – but that will be short-lived. Upcoming games against the Titans and Ravens will give us a clear idea of how for-real this football team is. If Cleveland are able to continue to run the ball effectively, they’ll give teams problems – if not, I don’t see them being so successful giving the ball to Baker 30 times.

11. Miami Dolphins (7-4)

Week 12 Ranking: 14

The Miami Dolphins rebounded after their bad loss last week. A dominate win against the awful Jets doesn’t hide their flaws – but they’ll play the Bengals & Chiefs next so we’ll see where they’ll be two weeks from now, my guess is 8-5 and fighting for a Wild Card spot.

12. Indianapolis Colts (7-4)

Week 12 Ranking: 9

Stick has, and will always be wrong about this team. I agree with him that they’re a very talented roster, but Philip Rivers isn’t it. They’re missing a true weapon on offense and a franchise QB – when the Colts have that, I think they’re AFC contenders. The defense didn’t show up at all against Tennessee, I’m not selling my stock on them yet but I already see the ceiling for this team. The Colts fall to No.12 in our power rankings this week.

13. Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

Week 12 Ranking: 12

With their game against Pittsburgh moved to Wednesday, the Ravens will drop a spot just because I’m not a fan. A win against Pittsburgh would go a long way in most people’s eyes, but in my opinion – a win serves as a consequence of COVID’s effect on the NFL. Lamar needs to improve, or he’ll be viewed similar to Carson Wentz. Baltimore falls a spot – but could trend up in our Power Rankings with a win against the Steelers.

14. Arizona Cardinals (6-5)

Week 12 Ranking: 13

Another bad loss for Cardinals – I really want to like this team, but the inconsistent performances and bad losses to bad teams have me pulling my hair. Losing the Patriots is unacceptable, yes the game could’ve gone either way but the loss will cost Arizona any real chance of competing for the division.

15. Las Vegas Raiders (6-5)

Week 12 Ranking: 15

I really want the Raiders to be relevant again – but you can’t lose 43-6 to the Atlanta Falcons. That was easily Las Vegas’ worst game under Gruden – and it made it more clear than ever that Derek Carr is NOT a Franchise QB. If there Raiders are to ever compete for the AFC crown under Gruden, it’ll have to be without Carr at Quarterback.

16. Minnesota Vikings (5-6)

Week 12 Ranking: 18

The Vikings are 1 game out of the final Wild Card spot. At the rate the Cardinals are trending, it looks very likely that the No.7 Seed will be a 9-7 team. A good win against the Panthers has the Vikings winners in 4 of their last 5 games. Watch out for this team, they’re super talented on offense – the defense is the cause for concern, but that shouldn’t hinder their efforts in pushing for the final Wild Card spot.

17. San Francisco 49ers (5-6)

Week 12 Ranking: 19

Can we give a round of applause to Kyle Shanahan, Robert Salah and the rest of the 49ers coaching staff? Seriously, they had every excuse not to show up against the Rams. Like the Vikings, the 49ers are only a game out of the final Wild Card spot.

18. New England Patriots (5-6)

Week 12 Ranking: 20

The Patriots continue to confuse and surprise us. After a bad loss against the Texans, they rebounded and beat the Arizona Cardinals. I really don’t know what to say about this team, Belichick continues to flex his coaching prowess. The Pats are sitting at 5-6 and 2 games out of the final Wild Card spot – which is very unlikely at this stage barring a complete collapse by the teams above them.

19. Chicago Bears (5-6)

Week 12 Ranking: 16

How awesome is it to be a Chicago Bears fan? Seriously, you start the season 5-1 and you can’t imagine it getting any better – AND IT DOESN’T. 5 straight losses has the Bears falling into a complete collapse. It’s fun to see – and you can’t say anything to me even though I’m a Lions fan.

20. New York Giants (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 21

The Giants oddly enough struggled to kill the game against the Bengals. They currently sit a top of the lowly NFC East, tied with the Football Team. It’s really a toss up on who’s going to win, from what I’ve seen I see this as a two horse race between the Giants and the Football Team. The Giants move up a spot to No.20 in our Week 13 Power Rankings.

21. Houston Texans (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 24

Another vintage Deshaun Watson performance has the on a two-game winning streak and looking to have found their mojo back. The Texans will be a tough opponent for the remainder of the season, but they still have many flaws. We’ll see what happens going forward on and off the field for the team.

22. Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Week 12 Ranking: 17

The Panthers are who we thought they were. Matt Rhule has shown promise in his first season, regardless of the record. You can see what they’re trying to accomplish – it also hurts that they missed their dynamic playmaker in Christian McCaffrey. A loss to the Vikings wasn’t a shocker by any means, but it’s clear the Panthers aren’t in the race for the playoffs.

23. Atlanta Falcons (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 27

Talk about a statement win – the Falcons were another team that really didn’t need to come out and play the way they did. An impressive 43-6 victory against the Raiders gives the Falcons something to feel really good about both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Nothing really to look forward to this year if you are a Falcons fan – but we’ll see what direction the organization takes in the front office.

24. Washington Football Team (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 29

Ron Rivera has done a very good job stamping his mindset into the team. The defense has gone the entire year really under the radar in terms of performances, with the offense garnering the most attention with young studs in Antonio Gibson and Terry Mclaurin. Washington will look to push for the NFC East title – and they’d be my favorites considering their dynamic play offensively.

25. Detroit Lions (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 23

Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn are finally gone Lions fans! It’s a time to reflect and push forward as an organization. What the Lions do next will be speculated in the coming months – but we can expect a happier locker-room and culture from now till the end of the season. The Lions did get crushed by the Texans – so they’ll fall again this week to No.25.

26. Denver Broncos (4-7)

Week 12 Ranking: 22

The Broncos played without a Quarterback against one of the best teams in the NFC – there really is nothing else for me to say. Tough luck, bad loss to the Saints.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (3-7-1)

Week 12 Ranking: 25

Carson Wentz didn’t perform again – a loss to Seattle really isn’t the issue for me. It’s the regression a Quarterback with so much promise has undergone. The Eagles are a bad team and have regressed from a coaching and on-field product since their Super Bowl run. Yes Carson has had a terrible season, but let’s not have amnesia of what he’s done with the tools he’s been given.

28. Los Angeles Chargers (3-8)

Week 12 Ranking: 26

The Chargers just know how to lose – all they have going for them is their offense. Would love to see how they look next year, I don’t think Anthony Lynn is making this team better. They have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and should be much better than their record displays. Let’s see what the Chargers do this offseason.

29. Dallas Cowboys (3-8)

Week 12 Ranking: 28

Mike McCarthy is horrible – I don’t know what else I need to say about him, this team, and this franchise. The Cowboys are just bad and are being out-coached every Sunday – and before you bring up Kellen Moore, he ain’t it either. He hasn’t proven anything since he’s been the OC – so don’t even bother.

30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-8-1)

Week 12 Ranking: 30

Competitive shockingly against the Giants – the Bengals really have nothing to play for except a top pick that can help turn the franchise around. Joe Burrow needs an offensive line and a defense that can support him.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10)

Week 12 Ranking: 31

The Jaguars are bad, do I really need to say more? No Quarterback, no plan. Onto the Trevor Lawerence and Justin Fields sweepstakes.

32. New York Jets (0-11)

Week 12 Ranking: 32

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. 0-11, love to see it. Adam Gase will be gone at the end of the year and I hope the Jets move in somewhat of a better direction. I don’t think Darnold is the problem – I don’t think he’s the answer either. Either way, the Jets need to get a better roster, coaching staff & front office.

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