Terrell Owens is no stranger to having a beef with a quarterback. In fact, it’s his calling card. He had issues with Jeff Garcia during his time with the 49ers. He’s had a long-standing rivalry with Donovan McNabb from their time with the Eagles. And he even had some harsh words for Tony Romo, his quarterback with the Cowboys. Now the Hall of Famer has two new QBs on his radar. And get this: he’s never played with either.

Dan Orlovsky and Matthew Stafford, welcome to the party. Take a seat, and grab a number. It’s your time to catch the smoke.

On Monday morning, Orlovsky appeared on ESPN’s Get Up to silence his haters regarding his Matthew Stafford praise. Stafford, who’s in his first season with the LA Rams, has led them NFC Championship game, winning his first two playoff games in the process. It’s a very significant feat for Stafford. After all, in 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, playoff success had eluded him.

LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford faced some criticism from Terrell Owens on Monday evening.
Jan 23, 2022; Tampa, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) throws a pass during the second half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a NFC Divisional playoff football game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

Orlovsky is one of Stafford’s biggest supporters in the national media. After all, they’re boys. They’re former teammates. So Orlovsky heaping praise on Matthew Stafford after his performance on Sunday wasn’t a shocker. He let everyone know it was coming.

“There is not a human being that plays in the NFL, that when the game is on the line, and it’s nut-cutting time in the 4th quarter, that I want the ball more than Matthew Stafford,” Orlovsky said on Get Up.

Whew. That’s heavy praise for Matthew Stafford. He’s fifth all-time in NFL history in 4th-quarter comebacks (34). And with expectations of Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady retiring after the season, he’ll be the NFL’s active leader in that category.

On Instagram account for ESPN’s Get Up, they posted a meme of Orlovsky’s comments along with the video. Stacy Greenberg, the wife of the show’s host, Mike, commented on the post, saying, “Tell ’em Dan!,” dropping fire emoji’s behind.

Now here’s where Terrell Owens factors into the equation.

Another Instagram account, with the handle @zadenmunoz responded to her.

“With all due respect ma’am that’s an awful take! Stafford isn’t anywhere near [Patrick] Mahomes level. In fact, there’s several young QBs I’d take before Stafford. Not to mention, Stafford is a turnover machine. He’s more [Brett] Favre than Mahomes. Absolute delusional take! SMH,” posted the user.

Owens responded with, “I’m glad you said it first.” And he followed it with an exclamation point and several facepalm emojis.

Why, T.O.? Why? What’s the point of saying it? Despite Matthew Stafford is enjoying the best run of his career, here comes the Debbie Downer. This season, Stafford has won more playoff games than the Detroit Lions have in the past two decades plus.

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Being honest, one could argue Dan Orlovsky was a bit over the top. Some could say his theatrics were a bit obnoxious. Heck, even with the stat mentioned above, Orlovsky’s quote may indeed be delusional. In the end, it’s nowhere near as delusional as a 48-year-old, retired Hall of Fame wide receiver who still wants to (and thinks he can) suit up for an NFL team.

Whether he’s right or wrong, Terrell Owens may want to sit this one out.

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  1. Janice Taylor February 18, 2022 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    As a black female of football . Terrell need to find himself a life this is nothing new coming from him didn’t like him when he played for the cowboys and don’t care for him now he has a cocky attitude. Just my opinion

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