The UFC Needs To Decide Who Is Up Next In The Light Heavyweight Division.

The Light Heavyweight division in in shambles right now. Dana White pretty much confirmed that Israel Adesanya will get the next shot at the belt, but there’s plenty of contenders that deserve the shot over Izzy. When you build a super fight and have fighters move up in weight it destroys the integrity of the sport. Adesanya is one of the greatest Middleweights of all time, but why move up and mix up two divisions?! Sure, Adesanya vs Błachowicz will indeed be a super fight. The problem is there’s a couple of fighters ahead of Izzy when it comes to the LHW division.

The problem with super fights is it holds divisions back. Leaving the belt to move to another division sells PPVs, but it creates a pause button for others waiting for their shot. The UFC can not continue to block up divisions with super fights and then create another interim title. The LHW division is filled with great talent, so why make them wait to throw Adesanya into the mix? Dana White even admitted that Glover Teixeira was not wrong in wanting a shot at the LHW belt, so WHY MAKE HIM WAIT?

If Israel Adesanya beats Jan Błachowicz it will just create more hurry up and wait in the division. Adesanya needs to stay at Middleweight, give Robert Whittaker another shot at the belt, and continue to rule the division. The reason why the LHW division is a mess right now is because Jon Jones abandoned his spot at the top to move up to Heavyweight. Now, the UFC needs to decide if Israel Adesanya is getting a shot in a super fight or if the division can have some integrity and give Glover a shot.

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By Published On: November 9th, 2020Categories: MMA

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