Dana White And The UFC Have Plans To Crack Down On Illegal PPV Streams In 2021

UFC President Dana White is not playing games this year when it comes to illegally streaming UFC PPV events. After posting a promo for UFC 257 on his Instagram, White received a comment that he just had to address.

Dana White Needs To Switch The UFC To Subscription-Based Plans

The UFC has been cracking down on illegal PPV streams since 2021. In fact, the UFC sued an individual for $12,000 after tracking him down after catching him watching two UFC PPV streams without paying. I don’t know exactly what Dana and the UFC have in mind to bust illegal streamers, but this has been something that has grown over the years. Obviously the 2021 PPV price increase means more MMA fans will attempt to find sites hosting the event for free.

Truth be told the UFC really needs to make the switch to subscription plans for PPV events instead of charging a flat rate. I guarantee fans would be willing to shell out $10-$20 a month to watch all UFC events compared to $69.99 per PPV. The outdated PPV system doesn’t work, but I doubt Dana White and the UFC plan to change anything in 2021. I understand the organization survives off of live gate and PPV money, but something has to change. I am of course a die hard UFC fan, but it’s tough to pay for every PPV when the price continues to go up.

Dana and the UFC will eventually catch those hosting illegal PPV streams, but it’s the internet so it will never end. This is a winless battle, but when you’re Dana White you have all the money in the world to shell out to fight those that illegally stream UFC events.


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By Published On: January 5th, 2021Categories: MMA

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