Marlon Chito Vera may have defeated Sean O’Malley at UFC 252 in August, but the bad blood is far from over. Vera recently appeared on TMZ Sports and although he has a fight with Jose Aldo coming up this Saturday, he set some time aside to once again call out Suga Sean O’Malley.

“Sean O’Malley is a cry baby. He’s a little bitch! He’s a bitch once, you’re gonna be a bitch forever!” – Chito Vera

Chito Vera and Sean O’Malley faced off at UFC 252 in August 2020. The fight is still to this day one of the most “controversial” fights in 2020 considering how it ended. O’Malley claims an ankle injury is why he lost the fight against Vera and had this to say on the The Timbo and Sugar Show

“Warming up in the back, everything was perfect. I’m in fucking good shape. I’m breaking this motherfucker (Vera) 100 percent in my mind. I get back there, doing our warm-up, everything is going perfect. About five minutes before we’re set to walk I’m like, ‘Do you think you could loosen up my ankle brace? It’s fucking tight. So he’s sitting back loosening up my ankle braces because they were tight. That’s about it. Walked out, everything felt good, got in there. I was in front of him, and I’m like, in my mind, I’m like, ‘This is easy. He’s slow. He can’t hit me.’ You can’t hit me, and you can’t take me down. I didn’t think he was going to be able to take me down because he was so slow. God, just standing there knowing I had one leg and like. He still sucks.”

Sean O’Malley thoughts on the Chito Vera fight on the Timbo and Sugar Show

Listen, I know injuries happen. I know sometimes fighters just don’t feel like themselves right before they enter the cage. Regardless of all the what ifs, O’Malley needs to just keep it moving and eventually he’ll face Vera again. Right now Vera is focused on beating Aldo on Saturday and O’Malley should be focused on his fight coming up in February. If a rematch is going to happen I would think Vera would need to lose this weekend and O’Malley would need to win in February, but I don’t see Vera losing this weekend.

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By Published On: December 15th, 2020Categories: MMA

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