McGregor vs Poirier 2 Is The Perfect Kickoff For The 2021 UFC Season

UFC 257 is the first PPV of the year for the MMA giant and proof that there is nothing on this planet like a McGregor card. McGregor vs Poirier 2 is a fight 2,308 days in the making. Since their first match in 2014 both fighters have grown and changed in so many ways. In comparison, McGregor has fought a total of 8 times (9 if you include the money fight with Mayweather) since his match with Poirier while Dustin has stayed more active with 13 fights since UFC 178. Although McGregor did knock out Poirier in less than 2 minutes during their first bout, I think a lot of MMA fans are overlooking the former Interim champ. Regardless of number of fights or who has stayed more active, this fight is the perfect bout to kick off the year for the UFC. McGregor is the ultimate draw and this PPV will easily sell 1.6 – 1.7 million PPVs. The pandemic has caused people to find sports to watch and luckily the UFC is one of the only events happening this Saturday. Sure, the $64.99 isn’t exactly affordable, but sports fans will pay that to watch McGregor return to the octagon.

Chandler vs Hooker Is A Spectacular Co-Main Event For UFC 257

When you think of what fight would complement McGregor vs Poirier 2 best it has to be Chandler vs Hooker. Hooker is coming off of a Fight of the Year contender bout against Dustin Poirier. Chandler is making is UFC debut. Sure, Hooker lost the bout against Poirier in Jun 2020, but truth be told The Hangman puts on a show every time he enters the octagon. Chandler accepting the bout against Hooker proves he doesn’t want an easy fight for his debut. This fight is not only great for the division, but it will show where Chandler fits at 155lbs. A win over Hooker would be massive and might turn into a payday fight with Conor McGregor. Sure, there’s plenty of other fights for McGregor, but really I think any MMA fan would love to see McGregor face anyone in the top 5 at 155lbs. I could see any of the four lightweights fighting at UFC 257 one day fighting for the title.

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UFC 257

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