The Detroit Lions will be forever attached to Tua by passing on him at #3 in the NFL draft. The question of if that was the right move will be around for a long time.

Tua will be the starter in Miami after their Bye week so we will get a look at what the Detroit Lions passed on. According to Adam Schefter the Miami Dolphins are making the move.

The Miami Dolphins are sitting at 3-3, a place the Lions would love to be. But, instead of being happy at 3-3 they are making the move to secure a better future for the franchise. Moving Tua to starter sends a clear message that Tua Time is NOW!

We’ve really only been able to see Tua make 2 NFL passes. Apparently those 2 passes were enough for Robert Flores to make the move.

I love the aggressiveness of the Dolphins franchise. I wish the Lions would make aggressive moves and let it all hang out. If this busts in their face at least they know what they have moving forward and how to adjust.

Tua would have had to sit a few years if Detroit drafted him. Detroit ramins commited to Matthew Stafford at QB. I was hoping for a Bret Favre/Aaron Rodgers exchange of signal callers. Stafford rides off into the sunset with the Jets and we have our franchise QB. We chose to go another route and time will tell if it was the right ove for the frnachise.

In the mean time, Tua will be the measuing stick for Jeff Okudah whether its fair or not.

I’m a Tua fan and hope he does well. I’m also a Detroit Lions fan and hope Okudah turns into the next Charles Woodson. Young players are always fun to watch develop. Im looking forward to many years of both Tua and Okudah.

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By Published On: October 20th, 2020Categories: NFL

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