Dan Campbell is going through a tough stretch right now. In his first season as head coach of the Detroit Lions, his team is currently 0-8, staring down the barrel of the second winless season in team history. And while the bright spots for him lack at the moment, he has supporters in his corner. One of them is Mike Vrabel. 

During a Monday afternoon media session, Campbell told reporters that the Titans head coach reached out to him to offer some words of encouragement.

“That was pretty cool of him, you know,” said Campbell. “It was the same message, ‘Just stay the course, man. Just do what you believe in, and it will come,’ and you always appreciate those.” Interestingly enough, Mike Vrabel and his comments are similar to what Campbell feels his former coach, Bill Parcells, would tell him.

Campbell also spoke about whether he’s spoke with other coaches and mentors to obtain advice during this stretch.

“I have…I’ve had a lot,” said Campbell. “Now I have a lot that haven’t contacted me in a while.”

“We’re a pretty superstitious group, so a lot of them they’re afraid that because they texted, maybe they’re the reason why––which I used to be that too. If I called a coach, [and], they weren’t winning, and I felt like ‘I better quit calling because maybe I’m the reason.'”

As Campbell and his staff head into the bye week, they’re aware of the tough road ahead.

“Look, we’re in the middle of a lot of adversity right now, which we knew was gonna come,” said Campbell. “I don’t think any of us thought it was going to be 0-8, but I knew we’d have adversity. And I warned the team on this, [and] that’s at some point, every team has adversity.”

“Nobody thinks that we can do much or will do much. And there’s not much we can say when we’re 0-8, but I do know this. We gotta hunker down and just improve on the things that we believe we need to do to win a game. And if we can do that, and just make one more play than our opponent, then we’ll turn the corner. But certainly, you can’t play like we did yesterday and expect to win a game.”

The Detroit Lions’ next game is on November 14th. They will head to Heinz Field to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams already saw each other this year, with the Steelers walking away with a 26-20 preseason victory.

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