Last night I felt something that haven’t felt in a long time, excitement and anticipation. The NFL Opening Night just felt right.

Sitting on my couch last night, waiting for the first NFL game of the season, I had a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. Excitement and normalcy. Watching Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy cover the pre game flawlessly. Seeing the teams warming up on the field. Chris Collinsworth and Al Micheals calling the football game was like music to my ears.

Football is back! Some fans were in the stands. I had to check my fantasy line ups. The world just felt right again for a small amount of time. The NFL might just save America. I know thats an overstatement, but I also think there is some truth to it.

Social Issues and the NFL

Before the game last night both teams joined arms in the middle of the field to celebrate togetherness and unity. A message that has been completely lost on the NBA. The NBA seems to be more about pointing fingers and promoting division. I still watch, because I love basketball and Im not one of those “If I disagree with what you’re doing, I wont watch” people. I just want the NBA to see what the NFL did last night and see how unity is always better than division.

The entire Texans team stayed in the locker room for the “Black National Anthem” as well as the American National Anthem. Their reason? They did not was the appearance that one was more important that the other. That’s what real leaders do. They find a middle ground and act like adults. I respect them for their stance, even if I dont agree with all of it.

These men arn’t running from the elephant in the room. They are choosing to understand that people also come to them for relief from the every day chaos. The every day stress. The everyday hate. The NFL did not create any of the worlds problems. But, they are certainly showing how we can all come together for a greater good. Even if its just for 3 hours we can all let our guard down and bond over something we love. FOOTBALL!

The Game

What a great game it was to kick off the season. Seeing Pat Mahomes aka the $500 Man, take on Deshaun Watson was awesome to see. They both impressed. Its clear who has more weapons, ut over all both of these QBs showed they are worth the investment.

Can we talk about Clyde Edwards-Helaire? Absolute BEAST! I had some concerns if you watch the video I posted for the pregame yesterday. CEH was ranked as the 4-6th running back in this class before he was drafted by the KC Chiefs. After the draft he was the #1 rookie off the board. I didn’t know where he would fall as far as performance. As it turns out, Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes know what they are doing. CEH had 25 carries for 138 yards (5.5 yards per carry) and a TD.

His move to get the TD damn near juked me off my couch. He showed that his cuts are NFL ready and his vision is already elite. Its scary that the Chiefs got better. I cant wait to watch Clyde grow with Mahomes.

Thank You NFL

Overall, all I can say is thank you to the NFL. Thank you for being smart, being truthful and being leaders in your field. I know it was only game one, but last night just felt right. The NFL might be helping the world heal!

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By Published On: September 11th, 2020Categories: NFL

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