Yesterday we learned more about Odell Beckham Jr than I think any of us wanted to know.

A story came out about how Odell Beckham would fly a woman across country to poop on him. Yes, I just had to write “poop on him” I thought about being more technical, use the term “defecate”. But really does it matter? You all know what I’m talking about and not matter how I write it, it is weird. So here we are. Writing about ODB and Poop.

Around 11am yesterday my timeline on all social media had funny memes up with Odell Beckham. Some memes were of Patrick from Sponge Bob. Some were of the famous Odell One Handed Catch, expect the ball was replaced by something else brown and oblong. And Some were just flat our in your face with #2 jokes. No matter how you sliced it, yesterday The Internet Won vs Odell Beckham.

I thought I would compile some of the best and worst memes about Odell. Woodward Sports captured some of them.

How People Reacted

I honestly could post about 1000 more. The internet absolutely went in on Odell Beckham. The way the fans reacted to this news made my day.

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By Published On: September 9th, 2020Categories: NFL

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