Life changed for me Monday during dinner.

That’s when I used my Blackstone griddle for the first time. It is the hot man’s toy and I am thrilled my wife got it for me for my birthday.

Most of us have grills and I do not recommend you get rid of yours. However, if you can afford it add the griddle to your war chest of outdoor cooking options. Now breakfast is on the table. I cooked bacon without splattering the kitchen with grease.

The next time you go to a Lions tailgate your cooking options are opened up because you won’t lose food underneath the grill grates. You can begin the day with bacon, eggs and pancakes. And don’t forget the hash browns.

You can do a smash burger on the griddle. You cannot on the grill. Hotdogs and smoked sausage are still in play with the griddle. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

My wife scolded me about using my griddle in the cold. She wanted me to wait until April. I did not hear her complain as she munched on grilled steak, chicken breast, pork, grilled vegetables and chicken fried rice. She munched and crunched and didn’t have much to say except “Ummmmmmm. Yummy honey.”

I could not keep this thing in storage another day. My son came home from Michigan State for spring break. The last time I saw him he was still traumatized following the shootings at MSU. My Japanese steak house meal cheered him up.

Last time he came home he barely spoke. Brandon was a chatty catty during dinner. I owe it all to the griddle.
If you are in the market, let me help you out. I got the 22” with a hood. That’s plenty big enough for my family. If you have a larger family splurge for the 36”. If you live by yourself the 22” is plenty big enough.

After buying your griddle, hit YouTube. Search Griddle King or Flat top King. They have recipes for smash burgers, fajitas, cheesy potatoes and how to season your grill and clean it.

I did not fire my smoker. You cannot do ribs and pulled pork justice on the griddle. So I come armed with two grills and dinners are going to be better this summer at the Foster house. And I will have a blast cooking too.

Photo: © Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

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By Published On: March 7th, 2023Categories: Detroit Lions, Pop Culture

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