Just leave me alone.

That’s the constant refrain I got from my daddy friends on Father’s Day. They did not want to be fussed over by family. They did not want elaborate meals. Those men did not want to be bothered by their wives or children.

I am the exact opposite. My Father’s Day weekend played out perfectly for me because my peeps did not leave me alone. My feelings may be different as an older father who knows he does not have 40 to 50 Father’s Day to celebrate. I am not a golfer or gambler. I do not do weekend getaways with the fellas although I would not be opposed to it.

My Father’s Day began the day before Father’s Day with an enjoyable afternoon with my son Brandon, a guy I have not seen much of the last four years because of his enrollment at Michigan State University where he studies communications.

We hit an east side restaurant off the Detroit River, hung in Eastern Market, had Mexican in southwest Detroit and drove around Michigan Central train station. We don’t talk much when we are together. This afternoon was no different, but we touched on topics of interest and the main thing for me was being there as a dad in case something bothered him.

It was not.

On Sunday we went to Ford’s Garage in Novi. My daughter Celine Facetimed us from Los Angeles. She wished me a happy Father’s Day and tears began to stream down her face because I knew how much she wanted to be with the family.

I miss my girl. The toughest thing in being an older father is my daughter is hundreds of miles from home. The easiest thing in being an older father is she is hundreds of miles from home living her dream in the film industry.

The trailer for her first project called Unprisoned featuring Kerry Washington and Del Roy Lindo is out. We can all see it starting July 17 on Hulu.

My son is still living at home just a few weeks out of college. I am glad he is here, and I am glad we spent Father’s Day together.

I always thought the best part of fatherhood was taking the kids to soccer practice, grabbing ice cream after tough soccer losses and picking them up from school. It gets better when they turn into adults. You can grab lunch together and talk about adult issues. They make sure you are up to date with today’s lingo and thinking. But in the back of your mind, you are thinking how stupid today’s lingo and thinking is.

I love my family and there is nobody else I’d rather be with today.

I get it when a young dad says he just wants to be left alone. Let the head of the household play golf or softball. Let him go to the corner bar for beer and wings. I often feel that way. But no longer on Father’s Day.

That’s for family now.


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