There’s something brewing within the Detroit Lions organization. And it’s regarding Jared Goff. In one week, the two-time Pro Bowler has received “exceptional” praise from his head coach, Dan Campbell, and now presumed No.1 throwing target, T.J. Hockenson.

Wednesday afternoon, Hockenson made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. There, he discussed several topics surrounding his head coach, Tight End University, etc. 

When asked about the Matthew Stafford exit and how things are now with Goff, T.J. Hockenson explained it thoroughly. He showcased his respect for Stafford, but it comes across as he “all in” with Jared Goff.

“Staff was my guy. I loved having him as a quarterback. Smart Player,” said Hockenson. “Prolly one of the best, you know, like, football minds that I’ve been around.”

Detroit Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson
Lions TE T.J. Hockenson participates in a team practice at Ford Field on Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021

“So when he left the building in January, obviously that was tough just because he was my guy. But when I got with JG, and I like, threw with JG, I was excited. I mean, JG’s been such a good dude in the locker. He’s played, I mean, in a Super Bowl. He’s played in those situations. And that’s where he wants to get to. That’s where he wants to get this city to. And you know he pushes me every day.”

Hockenson then went into detail about his time building chemistry with Goff. 

“The way he talks to me is like, ‘Hey, that’s a big play for that guy, but not for you. That’s routine.’ And it’s like ‘Oh sh*t. Alright.’ Like, I like that. You know, like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. That is routine.’ That friendship that we have, like off the field.”

“Like knowing that’s my dog, and like I’ll go to war with him, it’s a cool concept to have…I love just being around JG.”

Hockenson’s commentary comes off as authentic. Since he and Goff began practicing together, their chemistry is apparent. Even down to the non-verbal communication. However, the duo has yet to play a meaningful game.

And that won’t happen for another ten days. 

The Detroit Lions will have their home (and season) opener at Ford Field when they face the 49ers. Then, we’ll see if Hockenson’s words show up on the field. Because this will be Jared Goff’s first game as a Lion, I expect him to find T.J. Hockenson early and often. 

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