UFC veteran Cub Swanson is set to return to the octagon at UFC 256 on Saturday. During the UFC 246 Media Day, Swanson stated that maintaining his health after he decides to hang the gloves up is a big priority in his life…

“I just hope that I’m able to have health insurance all the way through and get things I need to get done. I realize that I put my body through a lot. I’ve always thought at the same time if I was a plumber or any kind of worker in that industry, which a lot of people that I grew up with are, I would imagine that their bodies feel the same, their backs are wrecked. But they were just being a lot more unhealthy with their eating, so I think I’ve abused my joints and things like that, but I’ve been eating healthy and not doing drugs for so long that I feel like I’ve treated my body good in that sense.

Cub Swanson

Swanson Making Comeback After 1 Year Layoff

Swanson does make some great points and I think long-term health insurance is super necessary for fighters. Being a MMA fighter is a tough gig. It’s even tougher to live with the injuries after the show is over. Sure, they decided to sign up for the job, but there needs to be protection after the show is over. After coming back from a major knee operation, it’s great to see Swanson return to what he does best.

Cub is 26-11 in his MMA career and is in a weird position when it comes to his future in the UFC. Swanson is most likely safe from getting the axe in 2020 but you really never know these days. I would’ve never thought Romero would’ve been cut this year so really anything can happen. I think speaking out is important, but it also can be costly. Here’s to hoping Cub’s honesty come back to bite him later down the road.


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By Published On: December 12th, 2020Categories: MMA

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