Same ol’ Lions (SOL) is dying a slow death. SOW (Same Ol’ Wolverines) might be a thing now.
Michigan is a very good football team that plays well in the Midwest, but nowhere else. The Wolverines are the Vernors of college football. We love it in Michigan. It gets trashed everywhere else.
The Wolverines are the toast of the Big Ten, but that’s not saying much. Outside of Ohio State what team in the Big Ten can compete for a National Championship under the current format?
Michigan under Jim Harbaugh has lost its last six bowl games. But this is nothing new. Legendary coach Bo Schembechler lost his first seven bowl games before finally beating Washington 23-6 in the 1981 Rose Bowl.
Here is why SOW is a thing now. Michigan is a very good football team. It rolls through the Big Ten, beating the snot out of Northwestern, Indiana and Rutgers. It makes a bowl and loses. Fans complain the officials cost the Wolverines the game.
This plays out over and over and over again.
SOW. It’s a thing now.
When will it stop?

I disagree with people who say the Pistons are not on the right path to competing for an NBA title. Talk to me when Cade Cunningham turns 27. That seems to be the sweet spot for the lead dog to turn a franchise around.
The dude is only 21 and most of his teammates are not that much older. This will work out in five or six years. Isiah Thomas won his first playoff series at age 23, made his first Eastern Conference Finals at 25 and first NBA Finals at 26.
This is a process. I covered the Bad Boy Pistons when they won titles. Here is what we heard back then. You cannot win a title with a 6-foot-1 point guard leading the way. That sentiment was so strong in this town that most fans supported rumors of trading Thomas for 7-4 big man Ralph Sampson.
Shortly after the rumors died we were in Sacramento for a Pistons workout. Guess who was there.
Ralph Sampson. He was criss crossing the country working out for teams trying to secure a gig because his knees were shot.
Piston forward Mark Aguirre nudged Thomas and said: “Hey Zeke. There’s your replacement over there.”
The trade never happened thank goodness.
Wacky basketball dad LaVar Ball created the Big Baller Brand around his sons. Detroit has its own BBB in defensive tackle Isaiah Buggs. In his case BBB stands for Big Butt Buggs. He is also a Big, Bad, Baller who is likely to fall under the radar during the Lions resurgence. He shouldn’t because this is a tough run stopper who can help the Lions down the road.
Buggs was very impressive during the Lions 20-16 victory over Green Bay that ended the season on Sunday night. More is to come.
Why are Michigan fans so upset about the two Spartans who wore TCU sweatshirts to the Michigan-Michigan State basketball game? It is a rivalry. You poke each other in the ribs and annoy one another.

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By Published On: January 11th, 2023Categories: Detroit Lions, NFL

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