No NFL franchise has suffered the pain from bad officiating and horrendous calls like the Detroit Lions. However, today’s pair of bad calls takes the cake.

For the last two decades (and possibly longer), NFL fans have witnessed the Detroit Lions be on the receiving end of the worst calls in NFL history.

It’s become so bad that it is almost a yearly tradition. And for the record, this almost isn’t even conjecture working here. Lions fans can practically pick a year and remember a horrible call from NFL officials that hurt the team.

Today was different. It was something else. The officiating crew in the Lions-Vikings game will carry the memory of calling one the worst penalties in league history. 

The Lions had a chance to win this game. One a fourth and goal with just over 11 minutes left in the game, the Lions defense did their job. 

They got the goal-line stand.

Lions safety Tracy Walker busted through the Vikings offensive line and lit Kirk Cousins up with a vicious sack. 

Read that again. 

Tracy Walker sacked Kirk Cousins. 

And it was called “roughing the passer.”

Then moments later, the Vikings took advantage of the all-time lousy call and scored. To add to this, the Lions were the victims of another terrible call when the officiating crew reversed the Marvin Jones Jr. touchdown. They eventually scored on the drive. However, significant time rolled off the clock. 

“It’s bad we grow accustomed to calls like that here.”, said Jones Jr. 

The reaction on the Detroit sideline was pure disgust. So was the response on social media.

If you thought the Lions’ sideline was the only bunch up in arms about the “roughing the passer” penalty, check out the reaction around the league on Twitter. 

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By Published On: January 3rd, 2021Categories: NFL

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