Like most of you, I can’t stand Skip Bayless. He wasn’t a complete tool at ESPN. Although, he still wasn’t great. But ever since going to Fox Sports, he’s gone full douche. That douche-ness rose to a new level in the past couple weeks as Bayless has taken personal shots at his ‘Undisputed’ co-host Shannon Sharpe.

Recently, Sharpe and Bayless were debating whether Tom Brady has had a good 2022 season. Bayless was in support of Brady, while Sharpe thought he’s had a down year.

After debating about Brady’s stats and the fact the Bucs will make the playoffs, Bayless then turned the conversation personal. He stated that Sharpe is only jealous of Brady because he’s continuing to play football at such a high level at age 45. While, Sharpe retired from the sport at age 35.

This prompted an all-time response from Sharpe.

The drama seems real

Now, I know this is basically a scripted show. These guys have pre-show meetings to go over the topics and what their responses will be. But Shannon didn’t seem to be in character there. That looked real.

For our younger readers, Shannon Sharpe was a hell of a player. As he pointed out, he’s in the f’n Hall of Fame. He’s also a four-time first team all-pro and was selected to the pro-bowl eight times.

Any list of greatest tight ends in NFL history will have him on it.

There really was no need for Bayless to make things personal and say that Sharpe specifically was jealous of Brady.

Playing the way Brady has into his mid-40s, whether you think it’s high-level or not, is an amazing feat that I’m sure most football players are envious of.

It also needs to be mentioned that Brady plays the most protected position on the field. And especially someone of his stature, he’s only going to be extra shielded by officials.

Skip At It Again, Wednesday

Bayless clearly got under Sharpe’s skin on Wednesday, moments into the show. Sharpe missed Tuesday’s taping for unclear reasons.

As he stated at the open of the show Wednesday, he was upset with Bayless’ tweet regarding Damar Hamlin. Which many are speculating as the main reason he took Tuesday off.

Sharpe was doing an opening monologue on what Hamlin’s situation meant to him and why he took offense with his co-hosts tweet.

Bayless interrupted Sharpe mid-sentence, stating that he stands by the tweet and won’t take it down.

Sharpe then called out Bayless for not letting him finish his thought and then quickly pivoted to Jen Hale, the moderator of the circus, and asked that they move on.

Again, I don’t think this is some shtick Sharpe is playing up to. He’s clearly upset that Bayless interrupted him on a sensitive topic.

I’m not going to spend time ripping on Skip. It’s not worth my energy typing it or your energy reading it. He’s a douchebag that has become successful for saying outlandish things, good for him.

But both of these instances were a dick move by him. And it’ll be interesting to see if he has a new co-host in the next couple of weeks.

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: January 5th, 2023Categories: NFL, Trending News

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