At the Senior Bowl, two rising prospects are turning heads with their impressive combination of size, athleticism, and versatility. Keion White, a defensive end from Georgia Tech, and Isaiah Foskey, a pass rusher from Notre Dame, are both catching the attention of NFL teams, including the Detroit Lions.

White, a former tight end, brings a unique skill set with his size, athleticism, and ability to play in different positions on the defensive front line. Foskey, on the other hand, is an NFL-ready prospect with his diverse pass-rushing abilities, good instincts, and impressive speed and footwork. With room to grow, both White and Foskey have the potential to be top picks in this year’s NFL draft.

Rising Star Keion White Impresses Detroit Lions With Size and Athleticism

Georgia Tech defensive end Keion White has caught the attention of NFL teams, including the Detroit Lions, with his impressive combination of size and athleticism. Standing at 290 pounds, White’s movement on the field defies the laws of physics, making him a “hop off the bus” type of prospect who immediately captures the attention of onlookers.

A Freakish Athlete with Positional Versatility

White’s versatility as a player is a major factor that sets him apart from other prospects. Throughout his high school career, White played both defensive end and tight end. He continued to show his versatility during his college years, playing tight end at Old Dominion University before making the switch to defensive end in 2019. White’s size, athleticism, and ability to operate with his hand in the dirt or as a stand-up edge make him a scheme versatile player who can be placed all over the defensive front line.

Senior Bowl

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A Breakout Year for the Yellow Jackets

White’s breakout year came in 2022. He earned a starting role for the Yellow Jackets and was voted as a team captain. Although he missed the first eight games of the season with an off-season basketball injury, White’s impact on the field was undeniable. His high motor and relentless pursuit of the ball make him a disruptive force. He is capable of softening edges and flattening angles to the football.

Room to Grow in Pass Rush Technique

Despite his impressive size and athleticism, White is still a relatively new player to the defensive end position and has room to grow in terms of his technique. He tends to use his hands late, allowing blockers to gain initial contact and putting him behind the eight ball. Additionally, White’s pass rush package is still unrefined and his technique is considered raw. However, these areas are considered to be areas where White has ample room to grow and develop as a player.

Senior Bowl

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A High Ceiling for the Future

In conclusion, Keion White’s combination of physical size and athleticism make him a tantalizing prospect with a high ceiling. His versatility, three-down skill set, and room to grow make him a valuable asset for the Detroit Lions or any other NFL team looking for a developmental, yet toolsy pass-rush prospect.

Isaiah Foskey Rising Up NFL Draft Boards at Senior Bowl

Notre Dame’s Isaiah Foskey has been turning heads at the Senior Bowl with his dominant play. Standing at 6-foot-4 and 262 pounds, Foskey is the all-time leader in sacks for Notre Dame, with 26.5 sacks over his college career. He recorded 13.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks just this past season alone.

Possible Edge Target for Detroit Lions

As the Detroit Lions look to improve their Defensive depth, Foskey has caught their eye as a potential option. Foskey could be a second-round pick for the Lions, if he falls. Assistant general manager Ray Agnew wants to improve the team talent across the board on defense. Foskey has the versatility that the Lions value in their defensive players.

Flexible and Powerful at Senior Bowl

Foskey has a unique combination of size, athleticism, and technique that makes him stand out among his peers. He has great length and build, with long arms and a good wingspan. Foskey can beat opponents in multiple ways with his immense speed and exceptional footwork. He is already an incredibly polished prospect, with a high IQ and good instincts.

Foskey is also diverse in his pass-rushing abilities, able to mix up rushing techniques and angles to keep offensive linemen on their toes. He is versatile in alignment and will be scheme versatile in the NFL, able to win both inside and out.

Senior Bowl

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Room for Improvement

While Foskey is already an NFL-ready starter, there is still room for improvement. He could deploy better counters, as he has a tendency to lock his elbows and overextend when he loses out. As he faces bigger tackles in the NFL, he will need to develop a counter plan and work on his ability to shed bulkier opponents. Additionally, he needs to work on his power profile, as he sometimes gets locked up when engaged in contact.

Senior Bowl Conclusion

Isaiah Foskey has proven himself to be a top pass rusher in the nation over the past two seasons. With his size, athleticism, and versatility, he has the potential to be a top pick in this year’s NFL draft. The Detroit Lions have their eyes on him as they look to improve their defense. If he continues to dominate at the Senior Bowl, he could see his draft stock rise significantly.

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