Tuesdays serve many purposes for players across the NFL, but for Detroit Lion Scott Daly, Tuesdays are spent with local students.  This week, with the help of his wife, Monica, Daly dedicated his time to a third-grade class at J.E. Preparatory Academy.

Prehistoric animals were on the docket this week.  The students learned about different dinosaurs and fossils.  Scott and Monica took them through several assignments teaching spelling, handwriting, pronunciation, and overall knowledge of prehistoric times.  From drawing dinosaurs and writing down 10 facts to finding definitions in the glossary and naming their own dinosaurs, the students learned a lot and had a blast.


Once the students finished their assignments they were able to pick out a prize that Scott Daly brought for them, but not before answering a few questions.  Monica quizzed the third graders on what they learned that day before they were able to take a new toy of their choosing.  To no surprise, POP IT!s were the fan favorite.

The Daly Duo is no stranger to this class.  Whether it’s in the classroom, on a field trip, or even via Zoom, they always show up for these students.  They have built a bond so strong with some of these students that hugs are frequent, and you often hear “I love you” shouted as the couple leaves.

They never leave without thanking the students for their hard work.  Scott and Monica make sure to tell them how proud they are of them and encourage them to keep it up every single day.  It’s obvious that not only do the Daly’s have an impact on these students, but these students have an impact on them as well.

Photos from the Event:

Maddy Miller – Detroit Lions Beat Reporter

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