Williams vs Pereira Is Just Another Example Why MMA Judging Is A Shit Show

Michel Pereira vs Khaos Williams is just another example on why MMA judging in it’s current state needs a serious reevaluation.

Pereira earned a 29-28 UD victory over UFC newcomer Khaos Williams on Saturday night. Re-watching the fight today though it was clear to see that the Detroit native was robbed. Sure, we’re a Detroit sports network and this article will clearly come off as biased, but the facts tell a different story than the judges results. Willams controlled most of round 1 other than being taken down towards the end of the round. Sure, Williams was almost submitted, but the other 4+ minutes of the fight Williams was in control and was clearly dominating the round. Other media outlets are mentioning Pereira’s kicks, but did they not see that Williams was catching most of the kicks and countering? Round 2 was a dominant round for Williams as well. Octagon control, more significant strikes, and pressure from Willams secured the 2nd round.

The ONLY round I could see the judges scoring for Pereira was round 3. Sure, Pereira earned a takedown in rounds 1 and 3, but Williams controlled 90% of rounds 1 and 2! How can you give round 1 and 2 to Pereira when Williams stayed active and had more significant strikes? Plus, in the 3rd round Pereira did little to nothing after taking Williams down. Here’s how the rounds looked based just on significant strikes…

Williams – ROUND 1 – 15 sig strikes – ROUND 2 – 24 sig strikes – ROUND 3 – 13 sig strikes = 52

Pereira – ROUND 1 – 7 sig strikes ROUND 2 – 17 sig strikes ROUND 3 – 9 sig strikes = 33


Pereira Calls Out Pettis After UD Win

I get it, sharing my thoughts on the fight does little to nothing to change the results. Pereira vs Williams will continue to be ruled a decision win for Pereira and life will go on. I feel though if something doesn’t change it’s just going to be more of the same. MMA judging hasn’t improved in YEARS. Fighters are getting robbed on every single card and losing half of their paycheck because of it. Pereira went on to call out Anthony Pettis after his Unanimous Decision win, but I don’t see that fight happening as Pettis wants Ferguson at Lightweight next.

The Art of Combat Podcast will cover the Williams vs Pereira fight and the rest of the UFC Vegas 17 card tonight at 8pm. You can watch the show live on the Woodward Sports Facebook page and the Art of Combat Podcast Youtube channel.


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By Published On: December 20th, 2020Categories: MMA

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