The Detroit Lions’ organization did a fantastic job this past offseason. 

They completed a comprehensive process to hire Brad Holmes as general manager. Shortly after, the Lions extended that same effort in hiring Dan Campbell as head coach. 

Both hires have produced immediate returns to excite Lions fans for this season.

In the case of Brad Holmes, look at his first draft as general manager. It was a damn good job. Besides landing Penei Sewell with the 7th overall pick, he found talent in each round to help the Lions immediately. 

In the case of Dan Campbell, to date, he’s showcased he’s the right hire. He not only assembled an all-star coaching staff but he’s proven to be the leader the Lions need. He’s re-energized the fanbase. Along with that, he’s injected life into a locker room less than a year removed from a tyrant head coach. 

The Lions have completed the proper steps to excite their fanbase for the team’s future.

Then Wednesday happened. 

On Wednesday, the Eastern Market Partnership announced that it’s canceling tailgating at their location for the 2021-2022 season. Furthermore, their parking lots will not be available. And they’re enforcing parking bans during Lions home games.

What a damn shame!

I’ve been to numerous tailgates at Eastern Market for Detroit Lions home games. It’s electric. As exciting as it can be for fans to be in Ford Field, Eastern Market can rival it at times. 

On Thursday morning, I asked Dan Campbell for his reaction to the news.

“Do you really want my reaction?” Campbell asked. As he slightly chuckled, saying he would get himself in trouble with his response, he shared his feelings. 

“Yeah, it stinks,” said Campbell. “It’s unfortunate. There’s a number of things in my head that I think of when you just said that. Like, what I would do, as a tailgater, but I’m not going to say that.”

The Detroit Lions’ first preseason game in 2021 is a week from Friday. And while fans will not be able to pack Eastern Market to usher in the new era. However, Dan Campbell said something poignant at the end. 

While reiterating that it’s a tough blow for fans, he briefly as if he were a tailgater. Campbell said that he’d find a way to adapt and figure something else out quickly where he could tailgate and have a good time.

Detroiters carry a reputation of adapting. And they do it better than anyone else in the country. Detroit Lions fans took a blow yesterday. But just like with any situation, they’ll overcome it. Someone or some company will step up and provide the tailgating experience the fans desire. 

It’s only a matter of who and when not if. 

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By Published On: August 5th, 2021Categories: NFL

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