I hate that I have to discuss Deshaun Watson and the Detroit Lions in the same sentence. It makes no sense to me. However, it’s a hot topic among Lions fans. And it won’t end until Watson’s out of Houston. So here goes nothing.

The Detroit Lions will not land Deshaun Watson for many reasons.

It’s would be a distraction that would be a disservice to everything this organization aims to become.

This team is heading in the right direction. There’s an active owner in place, employing respected football minds to handle decision. The front office, while still in its infant stages of rebuilding, shows promise. And the coaching staff is one that players love to battle for.

While there are no reports of Watson being a locker room disruptor, how would bringing a player with his type of baggage into Dan Campbell’s culture work? Yes, Watson will not face criminal charges for harassment and sexual assault. However, he still faces 22 civil lawsuits on the same matter.

Why deal with that if you are the Detroit Lions? For the Carolina Panthers, who are in desperate need of a quarterback, making a trade for Watson makes sense. While the Lions may need a quarterback for the future, they’re not at the point of desperation.

Additionally, the Lions have significant draft capital to build this team slowly into a contender over the next few years. A Deshaun Watson trade would hinder that. By now, football fans know of the Russell Wilson trade to the Denver Broncos. Wilson is 33 years old and is coming off a very subpar season.

And the Broncos gave up a haul for him.

Deshaun Watson is going to be 27 this September. Imagine what the Detroit Lions would have to give up to land Watson.

The team has a ton of holes to fill. They’re better off surrounding Jared Goff with talent and drafting a quarterback for the future. Logically, the Detroit Lions would probably have to give up at least three consecutive first round picks, a few second rounders, Goff, and maybe more. Who knows?

There’s also another thing that hinders a Deshaun Watson trade from even happening. And that’s his no-trade clause. Who’s to say that Watson would want to come to Motown when teams such as the Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, and Panthers have interest.

The Detroit Lions have to do their due diligence, as all teams should, just to see what they Houston Texans would want. Because teams make stupid deals all the time. And the Texans have a history of making stupid deals. This time, though, I believe they’ll play it smart. They know Watson’s value. So that combined with his baggage, is a sign that it’s a slim chance he’ll land in Detroit.

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By Published On: March 14th, 2022Categories: NFL

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