Last season, the NFL approved rule changes to allow teams to wear alternate helmets. This opened the door for 12 teams to introduce secondary helmets to go along with their classic, throwback, or Color Rush uniforms. Overall, these NFL uniform changes are great for the league and were the catalyst for some creative designs.

More changes are coming this season, as teams have already announced their plans to introduce a new alternate helmet, or to bring back fan-favorite throwbacks.

Here are the new NFL uniform changes coming to the league this season.

Philadelphia Eagles – Kelly Green Throwbacks

The Eagles announced a year in advance that they were brining back their Kelly Green throwbacks in 2023. Fans have been clamoring for these to come back, and they got what they wanted. The Eagles wore Kelly Green in the ’80s and ’90s, and now they will return in a more modern fashion. They have not been officially released, nor have the Eagles published pictures of their players wearing these unis. But they are coming, and they will be glorious.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers –  Creamsicle Throwbacks

Another classic is coming back in 2023. The Bucs announced last February their creamsicle uniforms were returning. This only came about because of the new rule change, so the Bucs followed suit. The Bucs recently got new uniforms in 2020, moving away from the “alarm clock number” uniforms in favor of a more modernized rendition of their threads from 1997-2013. It is unsure whether their creamsicle uniforms are here to stay as a yearly throwback or if they will make a one-time appearance in 2023.

Tennessee Titans – Houston Oilers Throwbacks

According to Jim Wyatt, a team reporter, the Titans are expected to bring back the Oilers throwback uniforms for a game this season. Before relocating to Tennessee, the Titans were formerly the Houston Oilers from 1960-1996. The Oilers began as a member of the American Football League (AFL). These classics would be great to see in 2023. This has not been confirmed by the team, but it seems likely that these uniforms will make a return this season. They have even hinted at an announcement for the summer.

Seattle Seahawks – ’90s Throwbacks

The Seahawks are also brining back an iconic throwback uniform because of the secondary helmet rule. They will don their silver helmets and royal blue jerseys, a look they wore in the ’90s. The Seahawks have not had a throwback uniform since their redesign in 2012. However, they currently sport a neon green Color Rush uniform that they wear a couple times per season. These throwbacks will be a nice change of pace for them, and hopefully they execute these well.

Arizona Cardinals – New Uniforms

Now we move away from the throwbacks. The Cardinals are set to release a whole new look ahead of the NFL Draft. The Cardinals have worn their current uniforms since 2005, as well as adding a black alternate jersey in 2010, and another black jersey/red numbers Color Rush uniform in 2017. Arizona was also one of the teams to introduce an alternate helmet in 2022 – a black helmet with red speckles that shimmered from different angles. The Cardinals uniforms are certainly outdated, so it will be exciting to see an all new look from them. It is the biggest NFL uniform change out of the bunch.

Carolina Panthers – Blue Color Correction

The Panthers are not drastically changing their uniforms, but rather color correcting to a different shade of blue. They are also modifying their shoulder design so it does not wrap around the arms. The Panthers uniforms have been mostly unchanged since their inaugural season in 1995. They added to their set along the way, adding a blue alternate jersey in 2002, black alternate pants in 2012, as well as blue Color Rush pants in 2018. This slight change in 2023 will surely be noticeable, but it is good another team is becoming a little more up-to-date.

Detroit Lions & Denver Broncos – Alternate Helmet

The Lions and Broncos both announced that they would be debuting an alternate helmet for the 2023 season. For the Lions, this comes as a slight surprise, as many expected new uniforms entirely. Fans will have to wait until 2024 for new uniforms, but in the meantime, the Lions will have an alternate helmet for their silver Color Rush uniforms. The new design has not been released yet, so who knows what it will look like.

As for the Broncos, their alternate helmet will also likely be released closer to the fall. Denver could wear their alternate helmet for up to two games in 2023. The helmet will also be worn with their Color Rush uniform, an all-orange set they debuted in 2016.

There are limited details with both of these teams, but it is something to be on the lookout for before the 2023 season.

Photo Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

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