I am so tired of many Michigan football fans.
The Wolverines lost to TCU 51-45 in the Fiesta Bowl national college football semifinal and as usual they were bitching about the officials which is typical of Blue Nation.
It seems as if every time they lose, it is because of the officials.
This time they were upset about a second quarter 50-yard completion to Roman Wilson that was not called a touchdown. Instead, the Wolverines had the ball first and goal at the half yard line.
That’s a layup touchdown for championship teams. Instead, running back/linebacker Kalel Mullings fumbled the ball into the end zone. TCU recovered and took over at the 25-yard-line.
“I’m disappointed in myself,” Mullings told reporters.
To their credit, the players blamed themselves for the loss. Fans blames the officials until you called them out on it.
Michigan did not deserve to win this game.

Michigan fans are stuck in an endless cycle 

Maybe bitching about refs is a Big Ten thing. Ohio State fans complained that officials did not call holding on Georgia linemen.

“It was like we were playing Michigan again,” One fan complained. “They hold all the time and don’t get called.”
TCU did what nobody expected it to do. It slowed Michigan’s rush game and ran the ball better than the Wolverines. According to Michigan fans the referees always have it out for them. Michigan State, for instance, has never beaten the Wolverines. The officials stole games.
When are we going to learn our lesson? Since the 1970s we were told how great Michigan is and how superior it is to its opponent.
Michigan has lost six straight bowl games. From 1970 to 1990 Michigan was 2-10 at the Rose Bowl under its greatest coach Bo Schembechler. We were told before each game how Michigan would win. After they lost, we were told the Pac-10 had an unfair advantage because it was playing games in its backyard.
Never mind that teams like Washington had nearly three-hour plane rides to get there.
During Big Ten play, the Wolverines has lost games in Iowa because of a pink dressing room and crowned field.
There is an old saying. Michigan never loses football games. It simply runs out of time.
It seems as if the Wolverines ran out of time again against TCU.

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By Published On: January 1st, 2023Categories: NCAA

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