According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, Major League Baseball executives and owners do not want to move forward with the 2021 season until players are vaccinated. 

Major League Baseball is willing to turn over all stones to ensure overall safety before the 2021 MLB season starts. 

And that includes mandatory player vaccination.

Bob Nightengale from USA Today reported Tuesday morning that MLB officials would seek to have its players vaccinated before the 2021 MLB season begins, even at the risk of a shortened season. 

The number of limited games floating varies. A few reports state it could be 140 games or fewer.

Under the proposed idea, the MLB would delay the season’s start to allow its players enough time to get vaccinated before training camp. The MLB would also extend the season an extra month. This move would allow its players to receive their full salaries.  

There are several issues with a delayed MLB season.

Pushing back the MLB season into February creates an issue for the World Series’s potential weather conditions. Pushing the “Fall Classic” back into November isn’t likely. There is no way to predict whether either team will be able to play in outdoor conditions. Imagine the Detroit Tigers making the World Series, and there’s a snowstorm at the beginning of November. 

After all, it’s possible. 

Secondly, there could be a portion of players who will be hesitant to take the vaccine. While there are reports of the vaccine being highly effective, it is still a possibility that players could opt for alternative or holistic measures.

Lastly, players report to Spring training camp around February. If players cannot to return to baseball without vaccination, it creates an issue for them securing living arrangements for training camp. How can a player find a spot to stay if they don’t know when they can report?

In Nightengale’s story, the Major League Baseball Players Association favors going full-tilt with a 162-game season. The MLBPA is under the impression that a full season can take place without a problem. 

There is no official word on whether the changes will go into effect or not. The MLB can’t shorten its season without coming into a mutual agreement with its player’s union. 

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By Published On: December 15th, 2020Categories: MLB

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