Lions coach Dan Campbell ran off the field at Shoulder Field with swollen eyes, a red nose, and vigor in his step.

He’d won his second consecutive game and first on the road against the Chicago Bears Sunday and this was a great feeling for one who is under the gun from many fans. He should be giddy. The Lions (3-6) played a more impressive defensive game during a comeback 31-30 victory over the Bears than they did during a 15-9 win over Green Bay a week ago.

Certainly, some of you are confused. The number nine is nowhere near the number 30.

The Lions made actual plays against the Bears. They were gifted the game by out of control Aaron Rodgers who melted down because of his own incompetence. The lazy and the fan boys called it a great defensive game by the Lions. It was not. It was so obvious that the Packers came out of the tunnel divided and confused.

If you want to say the Lions played great defense be my guest. Whatever makes you feel better. Rodgers gave the game to the Lions defense. The Lions defense, in turn, took it away from Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Hutchinson and Okudah shine for Lions

We saw an Aiden Hutchinson WWE fly off the top turnbuckle tackle that stopped a goal line run. Jeff Okudah earned his wings as a shutdown corner and ignited the Lions comeback with a pick six of Fields. Fields overshot his man, but the mistake was caused by a ferocious pass rush that stayed in his grill.

“I think it definitely gave us a lot of energy,” Okudah said after the game. “We’ve been in that position earlier this year and we haven’t been able to capitalize, but today I didn’t see anyone waiver. We looked at the challenge straight up and we embraced it.”

Do you know who else danced a wicked jig after this one? Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn who many fans were ready to ship out of town after a historically slow start by the defense.

I angered a number of you last week when I said the Lions defense was aided more by Rodgers’ unforced errors and meltdown than the play of Lions players. I was accused of refusing to give the Lions credit.

I’m giving them credit for the Bears game. The Lions forced mistakes. They raised hell and deserve full kudos for that.


I chuckled when reading a story about the University of Michigan increasing its tunnel security in the aftermath of an unfortunate beat down Michigan State players administered to two Michigan players following the Wolverines 29-7 victory.

Let’s hope they are talking police enforcements. The 90 year old dudes with the yellow or blue wind breakers who currently patrol the tunnel won’t do anything. And I don’t blame them. You could have 200 of those dudes and they are not getting in the way of much younger players scuffling with each other.

These guys are like “I got my nifty blue jacket and block M baseball cap. Just leave me alone and I won’t bother you.”


Some Michigan fans are worried that Jim Harbaugh’s bland run offense can roll over the Big Ten. But cannot roll past Ohio State.

Don’t worry. It can.

This Ohio State team is closer to Earth than teams of the past. Although quarterback J.J. McCarthy has failed to consistently hit the deep ball, Michigan can still win at the Shoe against OSU.

Photo: © Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: November 14th, 2022Categories: Detroit Lions

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