Sometimes there is a silver lining in an ass kicking. That should play out today when the Lions (7-8) play host to the Chicago Bears (3-12) at Ford Field. Doubt about the Lions is rising in the city again after an embarrassing 37-23 loss to the Carolina Panthers. It was a game where the Lions manhood was challenged. There were times when the team was a little soft.

That doesn’t mean Sunday will be a continuation of that dreadful performance. On the contrary. When teams are blitzed like this they often turn vicious because they grow tired of hearing how bad they were. They looked at game film and vow this will never happen again, especially when the stakes are high.

“It’s awful,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell said. “But man, it’s the best thing that could happen to us because I think no matter who you are, in whatever you do, your best work is when you get your face kicked in.”

The Lions were riding a wave that could not last forever. People were actually saying nice things about them. They were on a one month roll and it is difficult not to get fat and sassy for at least a week. The easy thing is to lie down for another week. However, I don’t expect this from the Lions.

The Lions have to be 100

These are not the San Francisco 49ers or Philadelphia Eagles. This team learned it must perform beyond 100 percent to be successful. The Lions live on the edge every week and if they show slippage or lack toughness and precision they can revert to the 3-13-1 Lions or the 1-6 Lions we saw earlier this season.

When you play in an NFL game you need education, stimulation and motivation to succeed. The Lions’ education is they must play hard in every game. Their stimulation and motivation is the playoffs remain a possibility.I question what the Bears motivation is beyond trying to spoil things for the Lions. There is none.

The Bears are bolstered by knowing they led the Lions 24-10 before imploding at Soldier Field. Running back Khalil Herbert also returns, which should help the Bears running attack.
The Lions should be angry after what happened last week. They are licking their wombs, return home to Ford Field and are in their throwback uniforms. It gives me a good vibe about this team.

“When your back is against the wall and you get trodded on and everything is at its worst, either you stay down there, or you get up, and you come back motivated and upset with calculated energy and aggression,” Campbell said. “And man you go. And there is a purpose. So I think this is the best thing for us.”

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By Published On: January 1st, 2023Categories: Detroit Lions, NFL

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