Khabib Still In USADA Testing Pool Despite “Retirement”

UFC Lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted his 47th USADA drug test. Rumors have been swirling in the MMA world Khabib is really retired and this just adds more fuel to the flame. After defeating Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 Nurmagomedov announced he was honoring his mother’s wishes and hanging up the gloves. Since the announcement both UFC President Dana White and Khabib’s Manager Ali Abdelaziz have made claims Nurmagomedov will be coming back.

Who Should Nurmagomedov Face IF He Does Come Back?

With a record of 29-0, Nurmagomedov has proven he is the greatest Lightweight of all time. Although there are plenty of options for Khabib, he doesn’t need to come back to the octagon to prove anything. He’s beat the best of the best in the division. There’s no one standing out that would be a true challenge, so why come back?

Sure, the McGregor rematch would be MASSIVE for the UFC, but what would it do for Nurmagomedov? Nothing. In my opinion the only match that makes sense would be Conor, but Khabib doesn’t fight for money, he fights for legacy. Any other options? GSP? Too old. Mayweather? He’ll never come to the UFC. Dustin? Already beat him? Tony? Nope, he had his chance and sadly blew it with the loss to Gaethje. There’s literally no one Khabib hasn’t already beaten, so why come out of retirement?

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By Published On: November 17th, 2020Categories: MMA

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