Justin Herbert looked great in his MNF debut for the Chargers. Throwing for 264 yards 4TD and 0 INT the Rookie looks NFL ready.

Coming into the 2020 NFL Draft you knew it was the Tua and Joe Show. Herbert sat a pretty distant 3rd after a few inconsistent performance at Oregon. He was knocked for being “weak” and “soft”. I think we can put all of those assessments to bed. Herbert is the real deal and she showed it last night.


As a Lions fan, I sat on my couch last night watching a young Justin Herbert break the MNF Rookie record for TD’s with 4 in the game. It was fun to watch a QB where his future is still a mystery. The Detroit Lions passed on Tua and Herbert in the NFL Draft. Last night was an example why they shouldn’t have.

After last night, instead of kicking ourselves over Tua the next few years, we might be kicking ourselves for missing on Herbert.

Hear me out. This isnt a Matt Stafford must go article. I think the Lions could have drafted a QB and sat him for a year or two behind Stafford. That would have been the franchise play. You get to keep the best Detroit Lions QB of all time and he grooms the next GOAT.

Jeff Okudah has been off to a sluggish start. You expect that out of first year CBs in the NFL. So if the Lions would have been able to trade the #3 move down and pick up their next future QB, I would be feeling a lot better about the Lions future.

Detroit Lions Future.

As we sit right now, I don’t know what our future is. Or even if we have a plan. Matt Stafford is getting older. If we don’t prepare for the day he leaves we will be left with absolutely nothing to show for his 12-15 years here.

The Green Bay Packers did it with Bret Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They are doing it again with Jordan Love this year. The Chiefs did it with Patrick Mahomes. The Niner’s did it with Steve Young. SO there are many really good examples of why you take the next guy up when you now time is short.

The Lions put themselves in this position with their “Playoffs or Bust” order form the Ford family. You need to have a long term plan with short term goals. We really have neither right now and it scares me where it may lead us.

Matt Stafford is a good QB. He still has value to a lot of teams, including the Lions. Like stock, we need to decide when to sell on the remainder of his career. So far the Detroit Lions look committed to just riding it out into the sunset. Eventually we will need to draft our Justin Herbert.





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By Published On: October 13th, 2020Categories: NFL

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