When it comes to who is the GOAT in MMA you have to talk about Jon Jones. Sure, there’s the outside the octagon criminal charges, and the infamous “picogram” talk, but when you look at the stats its proof that Jones is one of the best to ever do it. Here’s why all of that is a problem, the future UFC hall of famer can’t make up his damn mind and it’s becoming a problem now.


Heavyweight Debut? Back To LHW? Super Fight With Adesanya?

Jon Jones gave up the UFC Light Heavyweight belt on August 17th. Since then he has called for a super fight with Brock Lesnar at Heavyweight, challenged Stipe for the UFC Heavyweight belt, admitted that the UFC offered nothing special for a fight with Francis Ngannou, made hints at a return to the Light Heavyweight division, oh yeah and he trash talked Israel Adesanya after his dominating win against Paulo Costa at UFC 253. I know, it’s a long list of what ifs, but its proof that we the fans just want a solid answer as to where Jones is going next. There’s so many possibilities, but its time to give a straight answer, Jon. Here’s what you should NOT do next…

Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya Should NOT Happen

Jones and Adesanya have a long history of going back and forth on social media. Sure, the fight would be considered a super fight, but it would drastically change the organization. Izzy is 20-0, Jones is 26-1-0 (no one counts the DQ in the Matt Hamlin fight), so why would the UFC pit two of the biggest stars against one another? Izzy and Paulo is proof that when two undefeated stars fight one skyrockets to the top and one falls drastically. Don’t believe me? Look at all the trash talk against Costa. People forgot how great he really is after Adesanya demolished him in two rounds. Regardless, Jones has weight and size on Adesanya and the UFC needs to continue to build Adesanya as a future GOAT and leave Jones out of it.

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar at Heavyweight?

This is another fight that makes ZERO sense. Brock is way past his prime as far as MMA years go, and Jones has been in the octagon competing while Brock has been play fighting in the WWE when he feels like it. Jones needs a challenge if he is going to enter the UFC Heavyweight division, and Brock is far from the challenge he needs for his debut.

Jon Jones vs Stipe For The Belt? HELL NO.

I gotta be honest, this one pisses me off to my core. Jones has made statements saying he wants the Heavyweight belt, yet he does not HAVE A SINGLE FIGHT AT HEAVYWEIGHT. What happened to working your way up the division ladder? Just because you have star power and pretty much an undefeated record doesn’t mean you can just swarm in and steal it from…..

Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones Is The Only Option For Jones

Jon Jones deserves a true test at Heavyweight. Francis Ngannou is the only answer that makes sense. Make the fight a title contender fight and whoever wins gets a shot at Stipe for the belt. It will show how durable Jones is in the new division and will showcase Ngannou’s skills against a faster Heavyweight in Jon Jones. Jones vs Francis needs to happen and the UFC needs to put up the cash for it. I’m sick of fights not happening due to the UFC being stingy and this is a perfect first match up for Jones in a new division. If he can beat Ngannou (especially in dominating fashion) then I’ll tip my hat and be perfectly fine with a title shot for Jones. Until then, climb the ladder and work your way up. Oh, and if you’re reading this Jon, PLEASE make up your mind.


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By Published On: September 29th, 2020Categories: MMA

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