Jones Just Can’t Handle Finishing Second Place

Before I start ranting about Jon Jones and making the argument that his management should handle his Twitter let me say this…Jones is talented. He’s is one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history. Now that I’ve said that let me give my take on why he IS NOT one of the greatest of all time.

Sure, Jon Jones is arguably the greatest Light Heavyweight of all time. There is no debate about that. Jones dominated the division for TWELVE YEARS and has 11 title defenses. Jones also has the longest unbeaten streak in UFC history. The records he holds are going to be tough to beat, but someone really needs to manage his social media. I’m all about being confident in yourself, but every time someone mentions any GOAT talk Jones has to pop his head in to explain why he thinks he’s the best. That’s exactly what happened after UFC 254 on Saturday when MMA fans declared Khabib the GOAT. Of course Jon had to chime in with his thoughts, and they weren’t pretty.

PED Violations And Outside The Ring Criminal Charges

Jones has a history of steroid violations. This isn’t a rumor, this isn’t a hot take, this is a fact. Jon was busted not once, but twice for PED violations. Any talk of Jones being the GOAT has to be stopped considering he used steroids. How is that hard to understand? You’re blatantly cheating and using an edge to defeat your opponent. That does not make you the GOAT, that makes you a cheat. Lets not even get started on the outside the octagon antics which fans do take into effect when talking about who is the GOAT. MMA is about respect and honor, and when your outside the octagon antics are talked about more than your MMA career that’s a problem.

Jones trying to make the argument that Khabib only had four title defenses compared to Jon’s 10+ doesn’t mean anything when you cheated to earn those victories. Khabib has arguably never lost a single round. Khabib is 29-0 while Jones is 26-1. The 1 loss for Jones is always up for debate, but it’s a LOSS. He used an illegal move and lost the fight. Sure, he would’ve won the fight without the downward elbows, but rules are rules and clearly Jon doesn’t like following rules.

What bothers me the most about the Jones vs Khabib GOAT debate is that why can’t we let Khabib have his shine? Why does Jones do this every. single. time?! Any time there’s GOAT talk Jones has to chime in and it’s getting old. I’m not saying he’s not entitled to his own opinion, but Jones is wrong in this instance. You can’t be the GOAT when you cheat your way to victories.

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By Published On: October 26th, 2020Categories: MMA

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