For over seven years there has been one man’s name chanted more times at house shows, live events and pay per views without him even showing up. No, it’s not Rocky or even Adam Cole baby!!  “It’s CM Punk CM Punk CM Punk.”

By now, chants of it have just become a running joke, everyone is in on. Yet still, it doesn’t stop us from talking about the straight edge wrestlers’ return. Even after his inexcusable actions since we all seen him last.

Where has CM Punk been lately?
When is the last time we saw CM Punk? Let me take you back for a moment to AEW’s all out pay per view on September 4th 2022. CM Punk had just defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW world championship. Like most champions, after a win, you have to celebrate and do your post match interviews. Yet, just like CM Punk’s pipe bomb promo back in 2011 he did not hold back during the post show. Not only did punk take shots at Colt Cabana but he also aimed his F bombs at Adam Hangman Page. All while the media and press ate up every word. Tony Khan sat next to him with a look in his eyes scared of what this man may say next. Thinking in his head that this might’ve been a bad idea.

To this day, Tony will still not talk about the press conference because of possible legal issues. Shorty after that, Punk got into it backstage with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and whoever stepped to him in the locker room. These events resulted in his AEW title being stripped, a suspension and written off of TV entirely.

Since then, no one has really heard from Punk dispute, the arenas chanting his name hoping to hear his music drop. Currently, he’s  in limbo with rumors of AEW trying to buy out his contract so he could make a WWE return. Hopefully, in time for the Royal Rumble, which is coming up soon, or maybe Money in The Bank. However, as much as I would like that to happen, if the AEW were to buy him out, I’m sure there would be something in the fine print not allowing him to wrestle within 60-90 days of his termination.

Is he coming back?
As I said, without seeing this man in a ring for sometime he’s still the most talked about. As he recently popped back up on social media to take some shots at the current AEW champion, MJF. MJF posted on his social media showcasing the awards he won from pro wrestling illustrated. “Most hated” and “Feud of the year” against CM Punk which he covered up his name on the plaque. Punk responded with “Maybe find some tape for the ratings so nobody sees those either.”. Which is a dig at the companies recent slump in ratings as of lately of their two televised programs.

Seems to me there is bad blood between CM Punk and the company. Yet they refuse to let him out of his contract hoping for a resolution. If that’s not a drop kick to the face, how about the fact the AEW took CM Punk off of the cover of their greatly anticipated video game “Fight Forever”. Given that he is still under contract with the company, he’ll be in the game. However, he has been covered up by other AEW athletes like Sting, MJF, Chris Jericho and others.

With the landscape in WWE changing  recently with the return of Vince McMahon. I’m not too sure if a return to WWE will be occur. Even though there is beef between Punk and Triple H since his departure, if Hunter feels there is money in Punk, I believe he wouldn’t be afraid to act on it. Triple H will always do what’s best for business. If it puts more fans in the seats and eyes on the product, he won’t hesitate. Unfortunately, it’s going to be Vince, he’s going to have to convince for the go ahead.

My final thoughts
As he posted on his social media on January 7th. CM Punk is back in the gym, which is a good sign of his return. This tells me he still has the wrestling bug in him. Whether he will make an AEW return or see a new life in the WWE. I’ll be waiting, chanting along with the rest of the crowd, “CM Punk CM Punk CM Punk”. Waiting for a culture of personalities opening guitar strings to hit. “Look in my eyes, what do you see?”…

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By Published On: January 17th, 2023Categories: Trending News

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