Detroit Lions’ legend Herman Moore believes that Calvin Johnson is worthy of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Along with that, he feels that the Lions should mend fences with “Megatron”, and honor his request, giving him back the money that the Lions made him return.

While speaking with Joey, Stick, and Kory on The Morning Woodward Show, Moore elaborated on his feelings regarding the situation.

“Yeah, I definitely think they should try and make amends there”, said Moore. “[He’s] a great player. He’s considered second to Barry Sanders or right up there with him as being the two best players to ever play for Detroit, and I think when you look at it, it was a petty thing that took place with the money given the caliber of player that he is.”

“When you look at how Matthew Stafford was sent off, you just wish that guys like Barry and Calvin, even myself, to a lesser extent, we’d have an opportunity to have that same send-off without controversy because this is a great moment for Calvin. I really believe that someone is going to try to argue against [him and] why he should wait. That’s always hard for a wide receiver to make it their first time unless you’re like Jerry Rice when your stats are just off the chart, but Calvin was a person who changed the game.”

“I mean, he is a big guy, they look for those that dominate the game, and he can check all those boxes, so I look for him to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That’ll be a great thing for him, and I think a great thing for the team, but it will come with a little bit of a taint to it.”

On Saturday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will announce its 2021 class. Johnson is on the ballot in his first year of eligibility.

As the star of the Lions, Johnson caught 731 passes for 11,619, and 83 touchdowns. Additionally, Johnson is a six-time Pro Bowler, four-time All-Pro, and has led the NFL in receptions, touchdowns, and receiving yards. He still hold the NFL record for most receiving yards in a season with 1,964.

After nine seasons with the Lions, Johnson retired in 2015. After retiring, he had to pay back $1 Million of his $16 million signing bonus; a bonus he received a few years before. Johnson has publicly stated he wants nothing to do with the team until they repay him. During the introductory press conference for Dan Campbell, Lions owner Sheila Ford-Hamp chose not to address repaying Johnson. However, she stated the team does intend to repair the fractured relationship.

No one has to agree with Johnson’s stance. Nevertheless, it’s understandable for Johnson to feel this way. Just take a look at his career. He provided the Lions and their fanbase with countless memories, even while walking away from them at 30.

Despite that, Johnson does not lack any supporters regarding his stance with the Lions. Herman Moore is proof of that.

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