Gilbert Burns has all the time in the world now that his title bout against Kamaru Usman has been scrapped for UFC 256. The #1 contented in the Welterweight division took to Twitter to fire back at Nate Diaz after Diaz trashed Burns over his KO loss to Dan Hooker back in July 2018.

I know Nate is just stirring the pot, but Gilbert Burns would annihilate Diaz if they ever fought at 170. Burns in my opinion has a legit chance at taking the belt from Usman. Sure, Hooker knocked out Burns, but MMA math is never correct. Plus, Burns was fighting at 155lbs when he fought Hooker and anyone with two eyes can see that Burns should never fight at Lightweight ever again. He’s massive for 170, I don’t even know how he cut down to 155. Cutting that amount of weight should be illegal, but that conversation is for another article.

It’s Time For The Diaz Brothers To Actually Fight

Listen, I love the Diaz brothers. Without Nate the UFC would be so boring, but after a while you have to question if Nick and Nate are really dedicated to the sport of if they’re just bored and looking to stir up trouble on social media. Obviously UFC politics have a lot to do with the fact that Nate fights maybe once a year, but Nate is worth every penny. He draws big PPV money and always puts on a show, that is not up for debate. I guess twitter talk keeps makes people like me continue to talk about the Diaz brothers, I just wish we could see them both in the octagon more.

Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since November 2, 2019 and Nick hasn’t fought in FIVE YEARS. If Nate Diaz really wants a bout against Dan Hooker than he needs to just SIGN THE CONTRACT. I hate getting so excited about a potential Diaz bout and then it always falls through the cracks. A fight between Diaz and Hooker would be amazing, I just don’t want to look forward to something that is never going to happen due to contract negotiations.

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By Published On: October 13th, 2020Categories: MMA

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