Charlie Batch and Eastern Michigan (EMU), welcome to the NIL party! Have a seat in the game-changers section. Because that’s what Batch did on Wednesday. He changed the game.

By now, most are aware that Batch offered Caleb Williams $1 million to transfer to Eastern Michigan.

When Williams announced he was entering the transfer portal, I feel safe in saying hearing an NIL pitch to attend EMU wasn’t a thought.

However, this is where we are.

$1 million is a hefty sum to consider. Now, Williams won’t be short of any suitors. So it’s no telling if that number will increase in future pitches. However, regardless of if Williams transfer to EMU or not, something significant is shaping up here.

And it’s that Eastern Michigan has financial backing in the NIL game.

GameAbove Captial, a private funding company of Capstone Holdings, is ready to dance. Batch currently serves as the Senior VP of Strategic Investments for Capstone Holdings. So his fingerprints are all over GameAbove Capital and GameAbove EMU.

He’s looking to spend money to attract the best names.

While Batch has great intentions, he has a tall task ahead of him. It’s his Alma mater’s program and reputation. Eastern Michigan is one of the worst college football programs in history. Besides T.J Lang and Jason Jones, they don’t have any significant NFL alumni. So trying to convince a young man to come to Ypsilanti, MI, as a good decision for hopes of making the NFL is hard.

However, all it takes is one.

If Batch and GameAbove Captial are willing to throw NIL deals at kids to transfer to EMU, one of these kids who are looking to make a quick buck will cash in. One of them will eventually bet on themselves, regardless of the school, and go for the money. Through GameAbove Captial, EMU basically put all the regional programs on notice.

They’re willing to open the checkbook.

With this notion now apparent, EMU could quickly rebuild their program. If they’re able to land Williams or any other significant name, it could have a seismic impact on the transfer portal. Schools will be forced to find private funding like EMU has to compete. With NIL deals now.a part of the game, schools have to sell something. They need to be able to bring something to the table for players and their families. Otherwise, it’s a chance they’ll lose that athlete to a school with a better NIL attached. And through Charlie Batch, and Game Above Capital, EMU has the backing to make them one of those schools.

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By Published On: January 7th, 2022Categories: NCAA

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