We’ve all thought about it.  You sat there inside Ford Field, Comerica, The Big House and thought about it. How far could you get?  How fun it would be.  But then reality hits you and you think about the end result.

There is no winning when you run on to a field where sports are being played. You do not belong there. You wind up in jail.  And sometimes you get the snot knock out of you by a player or security guard.

That is exactly what happened at the USC vs UCLA game on Saturday.

As you can see the Fan in the pink was running on the field while recording on his phone.  He looks happy. He looks free.  Annnnd he looks a little drunk too.

The run is going fine, until out of nowhere Ray Lewis in yellow comes from the side and lights him up!

So let this be a lesson. The next time you have the liquid courage in you at a ball game.  Somewhere a beefed up security guard is waiting to light your ass up!

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By Published On: November 23rd, 2022Categories: Trending News

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