We here at Woodward Sports have been given crap about how our headlines have been clickbait. Hell, we have been told we are too “horny” because we post about “chicks”. Well, we want to grab the audience’s attention, but with the New York Times, they took that idea one step too far.

“The mass shooting places Michigan State back in an uncomfortable national spotlight.” Yes, the Larry Nassar story is gross and left a black eye at Michigan State. Nassar sucks. Let’s not get that twisted. But what the actual fuck is this shit? (pardon our language) No, seriously, three students are dead and there are others in the hospital. Among our staff here at Woodward Sports, we have Michigan State alumni, who are proud alumni.

It goes beyond just the staff here. Across the country, there are proud alumni who are in shock and in disbelief that students on their path to higher learning were killed by someone who chose violence for reasons that are not known yet. Whatever the reasons were, it doesn’t matter. The whole event has rocked a community. Instead of a story of how quickly the community came together to put a stop to this idiot, we get a major publication, clueless of phrasing a sensitive topic.

Did the editor or the writer not realize how tone deaf this sounded? If Michigan State was hit by a meteor from the sky, and half the campus was destroyed, are you going to think anyone is going to think of Nassar? HELL NO.

Congrats, New York Times, you have a person who everyone is trying to forget about trending again because you want those clicks so bad.

Photo credit: Lansing State Journal

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By Published On: February 14th, 2023Categories: Michigan State

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