Talk about an absolute kick to the balls for my generation of sports gamers. Matt Brown of Extra Points tweeted Monday night that EA Sports is expected to announce Tuesday that the release of the new college football video game will be delayed to 2024.

EA Sports College Football was expected to be released in July of 2023. College football games have usually come out in July, which means we can expect a July 2024 release.

This is an absolute embarrassment for the video game developer Electronic Arts. The new college football  video game was to be the most anticipated release in a long time for the sports video game scene.

There hasn’t been a college football game released since 2013 due to a lawsuit against EA Sports for using similar likenesses of players but not compensating them. EA could not do that at the time because student-athletes couldn’t profit off their name, image or likeness.

That has since changed which is why EA Sports is bringing the game back. It was expected that real players would be in the game and be compensated.

I’m someone who grew up playing the NCAA Football franchise. I’ve put some time in waiting outside a GameStop late at night to get the game at midnight of it’s release.

This is without a doubt one of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever experienced with a video game. I’ve even tried to not get too hyped up about this game because EA Sports said little about the game’s development.

EA Sports Recent History is Awful

EA Sports has endured a number of disappointments over the years. The popular NFL Madden series has been highly criticized due to poor game play and lack of features, particularly franchise mode.

The future of the popular FIFA soccer game is unknown because EA Sports and FIFA no longer have a partnership moving forward.

Then last year EA Sports announced the PGA Tour franchise would return after a six-year layoff in time for the 2021 Masters. Then in late 2021, it announced that the game would be delayed without giving any reason or potential new launch date. On March 22, 2022 EA announced a delayed release of 2023.

This is very frustrating to say the least. And it goes without saying that whenever this new game is launched it better be really freaking good. Like I have to call into work “sick” because I can’t stop playing it good.

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By Published On: November 22nd, 2022Categories: NCAA

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