DETROIT, MI – The Detroit Pistons versus the Dallas Mavericks Saturday night was a Woodward Avenue Saturday night vibe. After defeating the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday evening, the fans showed up loud and plentiful to root on the home team. And despite a loss to the Mavs, the fans stayed most of the game cheering til the end.

The Pistons have been a mess this season but the fans have continued to support. Whether at the arena, watching at home or being very active on social media, it’s clear the Pistons are still beloved.

The Pistons only have 10 wins this season but have a 7-17 record since January 14th following trades to shake things up. Although that’s just a 29% winning percentage, it’s a big improvement compared to the 7% prior (3-36).

And despite a lot of losing the Pistons however still rank top 20 in attendance in the NBA. They rank ahead of teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns.

It’s no secret attendance numbers would be even better if the team was winning. But fans have still supported in an impressive manner.

So what keeps bringing Pistons fans out to support? I was able to speak with a few fans including season ticket holder Christian Smith who has attended almost every home game. And almost all the answers of why they still support centered around Cade Cunningham and the young core.

“Having belief in the history (of this organizations prior championship runs),” Smith said. “And I feel like they have the right group of guys here now.”

Fans Still Believe

“I believe in Cade and (Jalen) Duren, and Ausar (Thompson) plays winning basketball.”

Belief in the young core has many fans still optimistic about the future of the Pistons. But they have been hurt by a season falling very short of expectation and failure to build around them.

“I expected the Pistons to win around 30 games. This has been a tough year, but I feel like the front office has held them back.”

Though disappointed, many fans refuse to be fair weather with an organization that’s won three championships. And the buy-in of this young core has instilled a thought that winning is on the verge of return for the Pistons. Fans supported the Detroit Lions for years through less than ideal football, but felt the investment was worth it once they finally righted the ship. And the thought process is very similar for the Pistons, even though times have been rough.

“People still believe and the fans deserve winning basketball,” Smith exclaimed. “Besides the Detroit Red Wings, who’s got the most history?”

But based on how this season has gone, Smith has thought of adding an expiration to his hope.

”I want to continue believing in them, but it’s getting hard.”

For Smith it’s boiling down to what Troy Weaver and the Detroit Pistons front office does this off-season. Many fans exclaimed they aren’t expecting a jump into the playoffs next season, but getting into the 25-30 win total would justify their belief.

”I’m hanging around for one more season to see what the front office puts around the young core.”

Belief in Cade Cunningham

To win in the NBA teams need an undeniable star player. And for a lot of fans they believe that to be Cade Cunningham. Some are on board as long as Cade is here and believe he just needs the right mix of talent around him to succeed. The thought of Cunningham being the right leader keeps optimism alive.

“I love Cade and I love his game,” Smith said.”

“I think he’s a star. Simple as that. Just put the right pieces around him.”

The Pistons haven’t had a star quality player like Cunningham which makes it difficult for fans to look away. But the Pistons  will be failing Cade and the fans if they don’t get the right mix of talent around him. With the most pivotal off-season in over a decade, there’s a lot riding on what the Pistons do before the start of next season.

Including the good will of the fans still holding on to hope.


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