The Detroit Lions are setting their sights beyond the United States. The NFL has officially granted the Lions marketing rights in Canada and Germany, signaling a bold step forward in the league’s efforts to globalize the sport of American football. This initiative, part of the NFL’s Global Markets Program (GMP), also extends to Austria and Switzerland, showcasing the league’s commitment to bringing professional football to a wider audience.

Starting April 1, 2024, the Lions will launch a comprehensive strategy to introduce their brand in these new markets. This strategic move is not just about extending the team’s fan base; it’s a multifaceted approach to deepen connections with fans overseas through a variety of marketing endeavors. Fans in Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can look forward to engaging directly with the Lions through special events, localized content, and targeted promotional activities. These efforts aim to foster a sense of community among current fans while attracting new supporters to the fold.

Digital Platforms and Social Media

A key component of the Lions’ international strategy involves creating region-specific digital platforms and social media profiles. By offering content in the local languages, the team hopes to build a more personal relationship with international fans. Additionally, the Lions plan to expand their global and local corporate partnerships, further embedding the team within the fabric of these new markets.

Youth football programs, tailored retail opportunities, and dedicated philanthropic initiatives are also on the agenda. Through these efforts, the Lions are committed to making a positive impact in their new markets, beyond just expanding their fan base.

The NFL’s Global Markets Program, which began in 2022, allows NFL teams to extend their brand and engage with fans outside the United States through a variety of commercial and fan engagement activities. With a minimum term of five years, this program gives teams like the Lions a significant opportunity to grow their international footprint.

As the Detroit Lions prepare to embark on this exciting new chapter, their fans at home and abroad have much to look forward to. The team’s venture into Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland promises to bring the thrill of NFL football to new audiences, cementing the global appeal of the game and the Lions brand.


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